Less than two months after A&E fired and won the first round of its legal battle with former “Storage Wars” star Dave Hester, the network is now reportedly handing out pink slips to even more cast members.

Fans of the hit reality show, which follows bidders battling it out for a chance to claim the contents of abandoned storage lockers, may soon notice the absence of three original cast members. RadarOnline reporting Wednesday that Darrell Sheets and auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson, were allegedly frozen out from appearing in six of the show's upcoming episodes.

“They lived up to Darrell’s contract but then shot more episodes that weren’t covered by his contract and kept him out of those,” an unidentified source revealed, saying network executives are considering hiring “cheaper talent” to replace longtime cast members.

“It seems as if they are going after some of the higher-paid cast members, and meanwhile they’re expanding the franchise.”

Other shut-out cast members Laura and Dan Dotson are reportedly not pleased with the show’s change of direction.

“They make good money, and they need the money. Suddenly the show just told them, ‘We don’t need you for this episode.' And then it happened again,” a source said of the Dotsons. “They’ve been battling to stay on air, and they are worried about their futures. The show is a gold mine.”

In March, former cast member Hester lost the hearing regarding his lawsuit against the show, which he claims is rigged. Hester said in court documents that producers sometimes plant profitable items in the storage lockers in an effort to entice viewers. A judge refused Hester’s bid for an injunction on the A&E program, calling his testimony unpersuasive.

“Storage Wars” airs Tuesday on A&E at 9 p.m. ET.