Mr. Quinlan (Rupert Penry-Jones) has been hunting the Master for thousands of years. In "The Strain" episode 7 "The Born," he proved he might be the best weapon to save humanity and stop the Master in his tracks.

Fet (Kevin Durand) and Dutch's (Ruta Gedmintas) romance got more complicated in episode 7. While it seemed things weren't going great for them, everything changed when Dutch returned to her old apartment to pick up the rest of her clothes. When Dutch and Fet arrive they discover the door is dead-bolted from the inside so Fet kicks it in. Inside, Dutch and Fet find Nikki (Nicola Correia Damude) who is still alive following the attack on the convenience store in Season 1. Nikki and Dutch once had a thing, which could complicates things for Fet.

Dutch brings Nikki back to where they all are staying but fails to mention to mention hers and Fet's relationship to Nikki. Setrakian (David Bradley) tells Fet to come with him to a factory about which Fitzwilliam (Roger R. Cross) told him, but Dutch chooses to stay behind with Nikki. Nikki asks Dutch what Fet's deal is, but Dutch avoids answering.

Eph arrives home drunk after returning from his miserable Washington trip, but refuses to go sleep where Nora is, saying he'll sleep in Dutch's and Fet's room, which lets the cat out of the bag creating a very awkward situation for Fet, Nikki and Dutch.

At the factory, Setrakian and Fet find the school bus in which the blind children were brought for the Master. An outside security guard spots them, but is stopped immediately by Mr. Quinlan, who also happens to be there. Inside, Fet and Setrakian come across the “nursery” where Kelly's (Natalie Brown) feelers are staying during the day when they're not serving her. The feelers then start to come out and the two try to fight, but the feelers are too quick.

Soon the feelers start to retreat, and when Setrakian turns around to see Mr. Quinlan, Quinlan goes off killing as many feelers as he can with ease with his bone handle machete and machine guns. When the room is cleared out, he turns to Setrakian, smiles and says “Hello Professor.”

The Born Mr. Quinlan (Rupert Penry-Jones), looks to stop the Master in "The Strain" episode 7. Photo: FX

Turns out Quinlan got Setrakian's name from the ancients and he was following Fet and Setrakian. He tells Setrakian that they have something in common, which is they are both hunting the master. Quinlan has been hunting the Master all his life, and he tells Fet and Setrakian they stumbled upon the Master's resting place.

While searching the factory, Quinlan comes across the Master, who has been expecting him. The Master, who is in his new vessel given to him by Bolivar (Jack Kesy), tells Quinlan he's too late as Eichorst (Richard Sammel) also enters the room. Quinlan can't figure out what the Master's plan is considering his power depends on darkness and the siege he's going about leaves him vulnerable.

Setrakian catches up to Quinlan and it looks like a huge fight is about to go down between the four of them. The Master tells Quinlan he's going to make him cry out in agony, just as he did to Quinlan's mother. This sets Quinlan off and he charges the Master, but at the same time Fet set charges to blow up a part of the factory. The part of the factory he blows up is right above where the standoff is and the roof caves in as Quinlan charges the Master. The debris blocks both sides off and the Master and Eichorst are able to escape. Annoyed by what happened, Quinlan blames Setrakian and tells him to leave the fighting to him and him alone.

Setrakian and Fet Setrakian (David Bradley, left) and Fet (Kevin Duran) break into a factory to see what Eldritch Palmer (Jonathan Hyde, not pictured) is hiding in "The Strain" episode 7. Photo: FX

Eldritch Palmer (Jonathan Hyde) receives the news Eph got away and took out one of Palmer's men in the process. The bioweapon Eph made has been contained by Palmer's men, but it doesn't mean Eph can't make more.

Palmer takes Coco (Lizzie Brochere) for a helicopter ride above the city and she asks him why his head of security mentioned Eph. He goes on to lie to her, saying he heard Eph killed three more people, including his friend, Secretary of Health Everett Barnes (Daniel Kash). Coco continues to fail to see through Palmer as it appears the romance between the two continues to grow, which was seen by their first kiss toward the end of the episode.

Nora wakes Eph when she hears he returned from Washington, and she sees his bullet wound immediately. As she cleans the wound she tells Eph how Kelly got close while he was away and how Setrakian believes the Master made her one of the more gifted strigoi. Nora said Kelly isn't going to stop and he needs to talk about Zach (Max Charles) who may have seen her.

Eph, who is all out of optimism, lets Nora know what Palmer did to Rob and how he seems to be five steps ahead of them. However, Palmer hasn't beaten them yet and Nora says they can grow the bioweapon themselves and make it even more lethal. After telling Zach he's here to stay, it's later revealed Eph has a new plan in mind, which is to kill Palmer.

The Master The Master is now in Bolivar's (Jack Kesy) body in "The Strain" episode 7 Photo: FX

Mr. Quinlan was once known as “The Barbarian Gladiator” who was unmatched in fighting in ancient Rome, Setrakian revealed while reading one of his old books. He was sponsored by a senator who went on to give Quinlan the name, "The Born," which has since gone on to be a legend.

Episode 7 revealed although there are many myths on the show, they aren't false there are only exaggerations. Quinlan is half-strigoi, half human and it appears as though the Master has some sort of role in him being this way. Could the Master be Quinlan's father and could Quinlan be the one to stop him once and for all? Maybe we'll get the answers to this soon enough.