Californian Wildfire Survivors Reunite With Their Lost Dog
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In a heartwarming tale, the kindness of strangers on the internet helped a man who slipped into a coma be reunited with his dog who had gone missing while he was confined in the hospital.

Bubba Nulisch had to be put into an induced coma for three weeks starting April 18 after contracting a bacterial infection. On May 22, just days after waking up from a coma, the 58-year-old man received a call that his loyal canine companion, Bullet, has gone missing from his home in Grand Prairie, Texas, Wales Online reported.

Nulisch immediately took the situation to social media to ask for help in the hopes someone had spotted his "best friend" Bullet in his hometown. Compassionate individuals on the internet came together and helped the "inconsolable" Nulisch.

An online community of animal lovers launched a concerted effort to locate the man's missing dog. The kind-hearted strangers searched various online platforms and utilized social media, local networks, and animal welfare organizations to help facilitate the reunion.

As it happened, Bullet, after running away from home, had ended up in a dog rescue center run by a 43-year-old woman named Kim Joppie. Joppie, upon learning of Nulisch's search, immediately drove Bullet to be returned to his owner.

"When they were reunited, I can't describe the pure emotion that came from him. They were so bonded. It was so beautiful, and I've never seen anything like it," Joppie, who drove Bullet down to Bubba, told Wales Online.

Reunited, Nulisch and Bullet are now back home together in Grand Prairie, Texas. The pup has also been neutered and microchipped, Good News Network noted.

"Kim is an angel. I'm so thankful to her for bringing him back to me. I'll never forget what she's done," said Nulisch.

Bullet was adopted by Nulisch from a friend who had a litter of puppies in October 2015.

"The people I was staying with at the time had a dog who had babies. One of them wouldn't leave my side ever," said Nulisch.

"I don't know why but he started hanging out with me, so I adopted him." According to Nulisch, Bullet pulled him out of "deep depression" after he was forced to retire for medical reasons.

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