Stray Kids singer and dancer Han Jisung hurt his arm after the group was greeted by a mob of fans at the Incheon airport in Seoul on Monday.

Following their successful two-day “Maniac” concerts in Japan, the “Thunderous” singers had just returned to their home country when scores of fans rushed to greet them at the airport causing the 21-year-old singer to fall and injure his arm.

A Twitter user uploaded a clip showing fans reacting as Han falls to the ground. Security personnel helped Han to stand up and he was later seen holding his left arm in obvious pain as he continued walking out of the airport.

“Kstays they made Han jisung from Stray kids fall to the floor?? He fell on his elbow and looked hurt as he got up,” the user captioned his post.

Korea’s NewsenTV released footage of the group's return to Korea which also showed other members of the boy band gathering around Han and consoling him after the incident.

In another tweet, Han could be heard telling the interviewer that he is “okay” before placing a headset on his ears as if to tune out the crowd as they finally made it out of the airport.

Loyal followers berated the mob as they expressed their support for Han following the incident.

“Remember when Bang Chan said he gets angry 'when something negative happens to the members?' y'all made his precious fluff ball Han Jisung fall down he's going to whoop some asses,” one fan tweeted alongside a clip of Bang saying a similar message.

Another fan voiced their frustration over the mob and wrote, “The way they kept taking pictures and videos when han jisung fell really hurt my heart. I hope they realize that this doesn't look like something fans would do, this just too sick.”

In January, fans also rushed to the airport to catch a glimpse of Stray Kids as the eight-piece act left for Saudi Arabia for a show. Large crowds, including the press, pushed against each other causing Felix to fall to the ground while at an exit at the airport.

Bang earlier appealed for respect from fans to avoid similar situations. “ If everyone respected personal space, none of this would have happened… gotta be careful. People can get hurt. I mean, not just us, but other artists as well. So hope it gets fixed,” he said in an episode of “Chan’s Room” on streaming app VLive.

Stray Kids is set to travel to Seattle and California in July for the North American leg of its “Maniac” world tour.

South Korean Boy band Stray Kids Johnny Louis/Getty Images