Gabriel Macht as Harvey, Patrick J. Adams as Mike
The preview clip for Season 6, episode 14 of “Suits” implies that Rachel (Meghan Markle) is against the shady deal that Harvey (Gabriel Macht) made with Craig Seidel (Michael B. Silver) which would help Mike (Patrick J. Adams) get into the bar. Shane Mahood/USA Network

Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Mike (Patrick J. Adams) work together on the same side of a case in next week’s episode of “Suits.”

According to the synopsis for Season 6, episode 14, Harvey and Mike partner on a class action. This confirms that Mike is completely onboard with the deal that Harvey cut with Craig Seidel (Michael B. Silver) — the member of the bar’s ethics board who agreed to help Mike join the bar if Harvey sues his company’s competitor.

While it remains to be seen whether Harvey finds out a legitimate reason to sue Craig’s business rival, the preview clip for episode 14 shows Harvey ordering Craig to make Mike’s hearing for the class action official. Craig says that it’s too soon, and Rachel (Meghan Markle) thinks that it isn’t a good idea as well.

“He just spent months in prison. I just can’t let that happen again,” Mike’s fiancée tells Harvey in the promo clip.

Whether or not Mike’s hearing becomes official, next week’s class action is the first lawsuit Harvey and Mike work on together since the latter was arrested in the Season 5 finale.

“It’s an important part of the show, it’s an important part to Gabriel's and I's interest in being in the show is that we find our way back into scenarios where we get to work together and be tackling cases together,” Adams recently told Access Hollywood of why Harvey and Mike needs to get back together as partners at some point on the show.

But now that Harvey and Mike are seemingly reunited as the show’s dynamic duo, Adams said that fans can expect a different dynamic between the two.

“The fun part is Mike doesn’t want to be the puppy anymore,” the actor told TV Insider. “He needs to be in control of something, to have a little bit more power and do things his way, I think. And I don’t even know where we go from here, but I think this relationship between the two of them is going to have to look and feel a little bit different. And I agree with you, we are both excited to see them get back on the same side and be fighting the same case for once.”

Elsewhere in episode 14, Louis (Rick Hoffman) asks Rachel’s help to impress a client during an annual presentation, while Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and Benjamin (David Reale) refine their product, “The Donna.”

“Suits” Season 6, episode 14, titled “Admission of Guilt,” airs on Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 10 p.m. EST on USA Network.