• Luke Gulbranson spoke about his regret in his previous relationship with Hannah Berner 
  • The "Summer House" star said that Berner would tell her friends the complete opposite of what he told her
  • Gulbranson said he wished he was more upfront with Miller and did not ghost her for six months

Luke Gulbranson got candid about the one thing he wanted to change when he was still with Hannah Berner on "Summer House."

Gulbranson reflected on his relationship with Berner on Bravo's reality TV show. According to him, he realized that he should have taken time to talk to Berner's pals when they were still filming "Summer House."

"I wish that in the Hannah situation that I had asked more questions to her friends, like Amanda [Batula] and Paige [DeSorbo], on what she was telling them," he told Us Weekly while promoting the sixth season of the hit series. "Because what she would tell them was the complete opposite of what I would tell her. It was insane."

Gulbranson acknowledged the issues in his relationships with Berner, 30, and Ciara Miller. But he’s thankful for the lessons he learned from them.

"I've grown a lot through those experiences and become a better man because of it. I've learned a lot about other people's character because of it as well. It's just taught me a lot of lessons," he explained.

Gulbranson and Berner formed a bond in Season 4. However, tension arose when Berner claimed they dated after a hookup, while the jewelry designer said they just had a fling.

In "Summer House" Season 5, Gulbranson brought Miller, 26, to the house, which didn't sit well with the comedienne.

"I was feeling so many emotions [when Ciara showed up] because I knew I was locked in a house for the next six weeks," Berner told Us Weekly in February 2021. "I wasn't mentally prepared for it, especially 'cause he wasn't giving me those kinds of signals up until that point."

Despite Berner's recollection about her and Gulbranson, he maintained that they didn't date. According to him, he was under the impression that Berner was seeing somebody and he was only treating her like a friend, "like I always had," he added.

Meanwhile, Miller chose to side with Berner based on her experiences with Gulbranson. She felt that Gulbranson failed to tell her the state where he and Berner left off, and he was just like the other guys who "love to downplay." She also speculated that maybe, he only told her his opinions and left out some things.

Gulbranson watched his moments with Miller in Season 5 and realized that he had to change how he interacted with her. He admitted that he learned a lot from what happened.

"I wish that I had been upfront with her about my feelings and not just ghosted her for six months or whatever it was, but I did tell her the truth eventually," he said. "And I owed her an apology, and I gave it to her. But you know what you live and learn, and it is what it is."

"Summer House" airs on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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