A creative YouTuber puts the famous game, Super Mario Bros., in a not so familiar format.
According to Miyamoto, Super Mario 3DS will be a combination of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64, the first Mario platformer to appear in three dimensions. Nintendo

For more than 25 years, the Mario franchise has been a cash cow for Nintendo. The diminutive and portly plumber has done everything from take on Donkey Kong in his first ever appearance in 1981 to play sports on Nintendo Wii's Mario Sports Mix -- all all while selling millions of games for Nintendo. However, the one thing he has not done is be in a first person shooter game. The format, made popular through games such as Golden Eye and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, has never matched up with Mario.

That is, until now. A Youtuber named Frederick Wong has made a video of what the original Super Mario Bros. would look like if it was a first person shooter. Wong said he and a friend, used the programs 3dsMax, FumeFX, and After Effects to make the video. Already in a day since it has been uploaded, the first person Mario game has been viewed more than 650,000 times.

Here's a look at Mario in a first person shooter.

Credit: http://www.youtube.com/user/freddiew