There is great news for fans of “Super Smash Bros Ultimate” and “Persona 5” as Joker finally joins the roster of fighters in Nintendo’s famous brawling game.

Nintendo announced that Joker has joined to “Super Smash Bros Ultimate” via update Ver. 3.0, which was released today, April 17. He comes with a new stage, along with a new stage builder feature.

In a reveal video, Nintendo showed how the “Persona 5” protagonist looks and plays in the game. He carries his signature looks, mask and even has a Persona he can call at specific points in the game. He is introduced via Challenger Pack 1.

Joker wields a knife and a gun which can be used while dodging enemy attacks. He also has a grappling hook that can be used to pull enemies down from a higher location, or to keep himself from falling off the stage.

These can be enhanced after using his down special. Joker’s down special, “Rebel’s guard,” allows his rebellion gauge to fill up faster than normal, while significantly reducing the damage he receives while being attacked.

By pressing and holding the button after activating rebel’s guard, players will be able to defend themselves from combo attacks. By releasing the button, players will be able to knock back enemies in front of him.

Once the rebellion gauge is full, Joker will take off his mask and call out his Persona to help him in the game. The Persona, Arsene, will assist Joker by enhancing his attacks and will stay manifest until the gauge is empty. With Arsene by his side, Joker’s attacks deal more damage.

He will now shoot a barrage of three bullets instead of one per shot, and will fly upward instead of using his grappling hook. He also becomes invincible while he flies upward.

For his “final smash,” Joker and his group, the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts,” launch a coordinated attack on his enemy. Arsene doesn’t change Joker’s final smash attack.

Mementos Stage

Along with Joker comes “Mementos,” a stage based on the worlds from “Persona 5.” It features soundtrack from “Persona 3,” “Persona 4” and “Persona 5,” and changes its background and color depending on the music being played. With the Mementos stage, “Super Smash Bros Ultimate” just got more exciting.

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