• "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" has welcomed characters from other franchises to its roster
  • Despite that, many fan favorites aren't included in the list of available characters
  • A highly requested game character won't make it anytime soon

Nintendo's “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” has welcomed many popular characters from other franchises in its roster for quite some time now.

Many of these characters are in no way related to “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” or “Super Mario.” Terry Bogard, for example, came from SNK's “Fatal Fury.” Cloud Strife came from Square Enix's “Final Fantasy VII” (which originally hailed from Squaresoft). Joker, for his part, came from Atlus's “Persona 5.” These franchise crossovers gave fans a lot of hope.

Most of their hopes, however, were dashed after “Smash Bros.” director Masahiro Sakurai announced that the last and final DLC to be included in the Fighter's Pass will be Byleth, the protagonist in “Fire Emblem: Three Houses.” Byleth is the eighth “Fire Emblem” character to join the fray.

Thankfully, Sakurai also announced at the time that six more characters will be added to the game through December next year by means of a new Fighter's Pass. This means fans can once again hope to see their favorites join the roster.

Recent revelations

More recently, in an interview with Famitsu magazine, Sakurai also admitted that “Smash Bros.” does have too many “Fire Emblem” characters. He also agreed with most that there are too many sword-wielders in the game.

Does this mean players should expect to see more non “Fire Emblem” characters join the roster? Does this mean fans should expect to see gun-toting characters join the fray?

The answer to those questions remains unclear at the moment. But if there's one character that fans should stop hoping for, it has got to be the notoriously famous Doomguy, also known as the Doom Slayer.

Won't be included

Many fans were hoping that the popular Doom Slayer from the hit shooter “DOOM” will join “Smash Bros.” According to “DOOM Eternal” executive producer Marty Stratton, however, he won't.

In an interview with Metro, Stratton revealed that the people behind “Smash Bros.” haven't talked to him or the others behind “DOOM Eternal” about bringing Doom Slayer to the Nintendo brawler.

“ We’ve never been approached and said, ‘Hey can Doomguy be in Smash Bros.?” he said.

“ We have a great relationship with them through bringing Doom 2016 to Switch and that kind of stuff. So we have great people over there but it’s one of those things where it’s like, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool?’ But it’s never gone anywhere serious, so we’ll see,” he added.

For now, “Smash Bros.” fans will just have to wait for the other characters to be announced.

Nintendo Super Smash Bros Ultimate Byleth
"Fire Emblem: Three Houses" player character Byleth to arrive on "Super Smash Brothers Ultimate" as a DLC Fighter in late January 2020. Nintendo/Fire Emblem Three Houses/Super Smash Brothers Ultimate/Twitter