• "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" director Masahiro Sakurai said Byleth from "Fire Emblem" will join the brawler
  • Sakurai said Byleth isn't high on mobility, but is capable of fighting up-close and afar
  • Sakurai also announced that six more characters will be added until next year

“Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” will have another character added to its roster later this month – the main protagonist of “Fire Emblem: Three Houses,” Byleth.

In a lengthy video presentation, “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” director Masahiro Sakurai announced that the fifth and final DLC character coming to the game by way of the Fighter's Pass is Byleth, the main protagonist of “Fire Emblem: Three Houses,” one of Nintendo's most successful titles in recent times. The Verge noted that the DLC arrives Jan. 28.

Byleth comes to “Smash” in both male and female versions. Sakurai revealed that while Byleth isn't as quick as the other sword-wielders in the game, he/she isn't a pushover; in addition to wielding the Sword of the Creator, Byleth also wields the hero's relics, which are powerful weapons that can be used in different situations.

As seen in the reveal video, Byleth can attack enemies from a safer distance using a long lance. The hero can also smash enemies using a heavy axe, and hit them from afar using a bow and arrow. Users will be able to switch between the four weapons with a simple press of a directional button.

Along with Byleth comes a new stage based on Garreg Mach Monastery. The stage will cycle through four of the monastery's areas, namely the bridge, cathedral, marketplace and reception hall. The stage features great detail, so much that an eagle-eyed fan even made fun of who could be the most interesting character to join the Nintendo brawler: the gatekeeper.

Jokes aside, many of the the brawler's fans didn't like Nintendo's decision to include Byleth in “Smash,” Kotaku reported. Some fans were expecting to see Dante from “Devil May Cry,” but were disappointed to see the “Three Houses” professor instead.

Sakurai, after revealing that six more characters will come to “Smash” by n ext year, apologized for asking fans to shell out some money to buy the Fighter's Pass without revealing who'll be included in the game. He also told the would-be requesters that despite the number of tweets and requests they send to him asking to include so and so, there's not much that he can do.

“The new additions have already been decided,” Sakurai said, as per GameSpot. "Even if I receive many requests regarding potential candidates on Twitter, I'm afraid it would be very hard to consider them. But I still hope you'll look forward to it.”