The new "Super Trooper 2" sequel will reunite the cast of the 2001 comedy later this year. Broken Lizard

In the recent spate of independently crowdfunded movies, it’s good to know even raunchy comedies can also enjoy the good will of their fans. The pranksters behind the popular 2001 movie “Super Troopers” will have the chance to ride again thanks to the over 50,000 fans that pledged to their IndieGogo campaign that launched March 24. The fundraising drive surpassed their initial goal of $2 million, but fell short of the $5 million strech mark that would have guaranteed the return of Brian Cox as Captain O’Hagan.

The comedy team known as Broken Lizard asked for “at least $2 million” to start the movie in a stripped down version of the script that is reportedly finished. With at least $4.4 million at the end of the crowdfunding campaign, Entertainment Weekly reports the little gross comedy sequel is the second highest fan funded film behind the “Veronica Mars” movie. “Super Troopers 2” surpassed the amounts made by the Zach Braff feature “Wish I Was Here” and the Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk project “Con Man.”

An update posted on the movie’s campaign page says production on “Super Troopers 2” will begin later this year. There are extra incentives to keep donations for the production coming in with the promises of a "kick-ss chase scene" and the very close goal of hitting $4.5 million in donations that would ensure the movie features live bears. Fans could choose between multiple perks for donating, including a video from star Kevin Heffernan insulting the donor via a sharable video, a copy of the script and a downloadable version of the finished film. For $35,000, one lucky fan can keep the patrol car used in “Super Troopers 2.” Perks are still opened to be claimed although the fundraising campaign has finished.

The promo video released in March featured five of the main cast members in a small skit that led to details of the IndieGogo campaign. Rabbit (Erik Stolhanske), Thorny (Jay Chandrasekhar), Mac (Steve Lemme) and Foster (Paul Soter) stop foul-mouthed instigator Farva (Kevin Heffernan) and trick him into checking out the “Super Troopers 2” script in the trunk of his car. The group locks Farva in the trunk with the stipulation that fans should donate to save Farva and let him come back for the sequel

“Super Troopers 2” has not announced a formal release date yet.