Con Man
"Firefly" stars Nathan Fillion (pictured) and Alan Tudyk are hoping crowdfund a new series. Reuters

Stop me if this sounds familiar. Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk are the former stars of a quickly canceled sci-fi series that went on to become a massive cult classic. Yes, that may be a page out of the actors’ real-life experience with Fox’s short-lived “Firefly,” but it also is the premise of a series Fillion and Tudyk hope to bring to the small screen soon. However, the “Firefly” stars are going to need a little help.

According to Variety, Fillion and Tudyk are starting a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to secure financing for the first three episodes of an original series, “Con Man,” to be written and directed by Tudyk – who also will provide craft services. The campaign’s target is $450,000, with an April 9 deadline. Contributors will get rewards like access to the production's blog, T-shirts and exclusive video and MP3 content.

“Con Man” would star Tudyk as Wray Nerely, an actor who played a spaceship pilot in the fictional sci-fi series “Spectrum.” Nerely’s co-star in “Spectrum” was Jack Moore, who would be played by Fillion. “Spectrum” was canceled before it took off with audiences, but later became a cult sensation. While Moore went on to become an A-list star after “Spectrum,” Nerely’s life consists of traveling to comic book stores and sci-fi conventions for “Spectrum” events. The series is based on Tudyk’s experience with fans at conventions and events for “Firefly.”

The “Firefly” similarities are uncanny. Tudyk played the pilot “Wash” Washburne in “Firefly” and his “Firefly” co-star, Fillion, went on to mainstream success in the hit ABC series “Castle" -- currently in its seventh season.

Why turn to crowdfunding for the series? Tudyk explained on Indiegogo: “We have genuinely passionate, stalwart and powerful fans. We’ve even seen fans get movies made. We realized pretty quickly we ought to cut out the middle management and just get [fans] involved as soon as possible.”

Watch the actors' campaign intro video here:

There is no planned release date for "Con Man" yet, but interested fans can get involved by reading more about the project and donating on its Indiegogo campaign page.

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