The “Supergirl” Season 1 finale will see Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) ally herself with Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli) to battle the biggest threat to face her city yet. CBS

After an impressive debut that brought one of DC Comics’ strongest female characters to life on television, “Supergirl” is poised to finish its Season 1 run April 18. With her city in danger and hundreds of human lives on the line, Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) will face her greatest battle yet, and she might not make it out alive.

On the previous episode of CBS’ “Supergirl,” the archvillains Indigo (Laura Vandervoort) and Non (Chris Vance) activated something called the Myriad device. Its effect was to turn all the humans in National City into mindless drones, forced to do the villains’ bidding. Fortunately for our hero, she wasn’t affected by the device, even though it did have an effect on her male counterpart, Superman. As a result, Supergirl is on her own going into the Season 1 finale as the only hope these people have left.

According to the official plot synopsis of the episode, titled “Better Angels,” Supergirl will risk it all to stop Indigo and Non, and that journey leads her to cross paths with an unexpected foe. As if the two baddies and a city filled with people who are about to die weren’t enough, a teaser trailer for the next episode shows Kara locked in battle against a mysterious new character who’s wielding what appears to be a kryptonite-laced staff of some sort. While it looks like Supergirl has the deck stacked against her, she’ll have reluctant allies in the Department of Extra-Normal Operations (D.O.E.) and Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli), CEO of Lord Technologies.

While it may be easy to assume Supergirl will scrap and fight until the last minute when she inevitably saves National City, it may not be that simple. As Kara mentions in the video below, she might not have the strength to survive whatever it takes to stop the bad guys this time. As Comic Book Resources noted, CBS has yet to pick up the show for Season 2, meaning it’s possible Supergirl actually won’t be able to survive her final fight of Season 1. Could this really be the last time fans and other characters see Kara Danvers rescue them?

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