“Supernatural” has only a few episodes left until its Season 9 finale airs on May 20. And because the hit CW TV series is quickly winding down, fans are already starting to scour the Web for Season 10 spoilers in hopes of soothing their paranormal cravings.

And luckily for us, one of our favorite ghost-hunting hotties has decided to give his dedicated fans something to chew on until next season debuts. According to reports, Jensen Ackles, who plays the adorable Dean Winchester on “Supernatural,” will be taking his seat once again in the director’s chair when the 36-year-old heartthrob directs more episodes come Season 10.

"Yes, I did kind of throw the phone call out recently," Ackles revealed to E! News. “Last year, I was busy being a new dad, so this year I hopefully…well, actually I don't have more time on my hands, but I'm gonna attempt to try it again, so yeah, I think I will try it again."

Be still our hearts! Thus far, the father of little Justice Jay has directed three episodes: “Heartache” (2012), “The Girl Next Door (2011) and “Weekend at Bobby’s (2010).

You remember those episodes, right? If not, here’s a quick synopsis to jog your memory:

In “Heartache,” the Winchester brothers attempted to track down Kevin but instead got sidetracked by a series of murders where the victims have gotten their hearts ripped out.

“The Girl Next Door” was just as gory as Sam reunited with a childhood girlfriend in Season 7 only to find out that his former crush is preying on human brains. Gross.

Ackles first debuted his directing skills during “Weekend at Bobby’s.” That was the episode when Bobby summoned Crowley in attempts to retrieve his soul. After the demon revealed he had no intentions of returning it, Bobby called upon the Winchester bros for help.

Are you excited for Ackles to direct upcoming episodes in Season 10? We certainly are! And we’re sure were not the only ones considering the boom in ratings “Supernatural" received in Season 9.

"After looking at what the reaction has been this season, we've seen some of the highest ratings that we've ever had, I think people are really starting to respond, or they're responding more," Ackles said. "It's nice that after nine seasons, instead of sizzling out, it actually seems to be building up speed. I don't know how that happened, but it happened and we're happy for it."