supernatural season 9 episode 16
"Supernatural" won't return to TV until March 18 with episode 16. Supernatural

“Supernatural” will be on a short hiatus until March 18, which is when the hit CW show will air episode 16, “Blade Runners.” In the episode, directed by Serge Ladouceur, the Winchester brothers will be facing their toughest challenge yet: an intervention with Crowley.

“You’re worried about Crowley?” we hear Sam say in the promo for “Blade Runners.” The demon, played by Mark Sheppard, has found himself in a bit of a pickle since his addiction -- to human blood -- began. In fact, it looks like Crowley is so hooked on bodily fluid that he’s forgotten his purpose on Earth, which is to find The First Blade.

For those who don’t know, The First Blade is the indestructible weapon used by Cain to kill his brother, Abel. It was fashioned from the jaw of an animal and is said to be the only thing capable of killing a Knight of Hell. That makes the armament a pretty coveted item -- especially to Abaddon.

See, Abaddon is the last surviving member of the Knight’s and if Cain’s weapon falls into the hands of say, demon hunters, then the redhead from hell has the high chances of meeting her own demise. In episode 16, fans will watch Abaddon try to outrun the Winchester brothers to get to The First Blade. But she might be outsmarted by the boys who will be asking a former member of the Men of Letters (Kavan Smith) for help.

The Men of Letters is a secret organization of scholars who research the supernatural. Could they give Sam and Dean that edge they need to get to the sought-after blade before Abaddon? Let us know your prediction in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune into “Supernatural” on March 18. You wouldn’t want to miss Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s cameo, now would you? The tiny “Jersey Shore” star will be making her “Supernatural” debut in episode 16 but we have to wonder -- will she be playing the role of a demon?

“What happens in hell, stays in hell,” we hear the petite star say.

Oh yeah, this is one episode we definitely won’t miss!