"Supernatural" Season 11, episode 6 spoilers
Amara (Samantha Isler, left) and Dean (Jensen Ackles, right) will reunite during Season 11, episode 6 of "Supernatural." The CW

The Winchester brothers aren’t fooling around. In a sneak-peek video for episode 6 of “Supernatural,” titled “Our Little Word,” Dean (Jensen Ackles) reveals to Sam (Jared Padalecki) just how he plans on taking down The Darkness -- an evil, primordial force that has taken on the form of a teenage girl named Amara (Samantha Isler).

“We’re going in to kill Amara. Are you ready for that?” Sam asks his older brother, revealing he's not confident with their plan. “We don’t know the first thing about her, Dean. We don’t know her powers. We don’t know how to take her down. Hell, you know what? We don’t even know if she can be killed.”

But despite being ill prepared to take on such an enormous and deadly task, Dean says that they have no choice but to try and bring down the Darkness … ready or not. “She’s too big of a threat to wait. I say we go in there and we hit her with everything we’ve got,” Dean rebuttals.

Sam looks apprehensive about his brother’s reckless plan. And he has every reason to be nervous -- especially because Dean has some strange and mysterious bond to the soul-sucking creature. In the Season 11 premiere of the hit CW series, a version of the Darkness (Emily Swallow) revealed to Dean that they’re bonded together due to the Mark of Cain.

“We’ll always be bound. You helped me. We will always help each other,” she said. Does this also mean Dean and Amara are also bound? If so, that could put a damper on his plan of trying to destroy her.

"There's obviously that connection [between Amara and Dean]," Ackles told Entertainment Tonight. "But what it all means, and how it's all going to tie into his destiny and his future, and what that means for the brothers, is something he's very nervous about."

The actor continued that although Dean is trying to hide nerves regarding his connection to the Darkness, they'll eventually be “fleshed out” in a future episode of “Supernatural.”

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