Mark Sheppard's Crowley will no longer be part of “Supernatural” Season 13. The CW

“Supernatural” star Mark Sheppard has left the hit CW series, but new rumors surfaced that he could reprise his role as Crowley sometime in the near future.

Earlier this week, TV Line reported that Sheppard will no longer be a series regular in the upcoming 13th season of “Supernatural.” Prior to the report, Sheppard wrote a cryptic message on his Instagram account saying that he’s ready to be part of something new. He also took the time to thank his fans, the staff and the crew of “Supernatural” for all of their love and support.

Read: Crowley will not return to “Supernatural” Season 13

Immediately after Sheppard’s announcement, “Supernatural” co-executive producer Jim Michaels tweeted something that hints on the possibility of Crowley still being part of the show, but only as a recurring guest star. He also claimed that he, the producers and creators of “Supernatural” will never say never to Sheppard and his character because Crowley is loved by many.

Unfortunately, Michaels’ tweet did not sit well with Sheppard. The actor fired back by writing a tweet directed at him, saying that the EP’s comment is quite misleading. Sheppard also stressed the fact that there are no plans for his character to return anytime soon or ever.

Meanwhile, TV Line noted that a lot of the characters in “Supernatural” who passed away ended up being resurrected. These characters return to the show after several episodes or seasons of not being a part of it. But based on Sheppard’s statement, Crowley could be an exception. The character sacrificed his own life in order to seal the rift between the worlds in the Season 12 finale. Sheppard has been part of “Supernatural” for several seasons. But it was only in Season 10 that he was promoted to series regular status.

“Supernatural” Season 13 will return to The CW sometime in the fall at 8 p.m. EST. It will now serve as the new lead-in for “Arrow” Season 6, since the Stephen Amell-starrer has been moved to Thursday nights.