Supernatural season 9 spoilers
What will happen in the Season 9 finale of "Supernatural"? Carole Segal /The CW

Only two more episodes remain until the hit CW series “Supernatural” airs its Season 9 finale on Tuesday, May 20, at 9 p.m. EDT. It seems time really does fly when you’re having fun and killing monsters. What can fans expect in episode 23, “Do You Believe in Miracles”? Well, according to reports, the final episode of the season will have viewers on the edge of their seats when a fierce battle breaks out.

The producer of the long-running drama, Jeremy Carver, teased fans with a season finale spoiler saying that “all bets are off when Sam, Dean and Castiel take the fight to Metatron.”

Just to quickly recap for fans, Castiel is an angel who manifested himself on Earth inside his vessel, Jimmy Novak. He is the only angel to resurrect after death — multiple times. Metatron is also an angel. He was the former scribe of God who recorded the Word of the Lord on a series of tablets. Metatron eventually left heaven when he learned that archangels were planning to steal the scribes and fled to Earth, where he resided in Colorado, spending most of his time reading.

In episode 14, “Captives,” Castiel learns that he’s not the only one looking for Metatron. Apparently Bartholomew, a fellow angel, has been seeking the scribe in hopes of killing him and reclaiming heaven. But Castiel has had enough drama, and is sick of killing for that matter. That’s the reason he declines to kill another angel in order to prove his allegiance to Bartholomew. Because of that, Bartholomew attempts to kill Castiel with an angel sword. But Castiel eventually turns the scenario around, putting Bartholomew on the sharp end of the knife.

Carver continued tickling out fancies when he told fans that they can expect a similar situation to occur in the season finale. "Uneasy alliances and brutal choices await ... all culminating in shocking consequences,” he reveals.

Eek! We can’t wait to see what will happen when “Supernatural” airs its highly anticipated Season 9 finale! Will you be watching the drama when it goes down?