Supernatural spin off series supernatural: tribes
Are you excited for "Supernatural's" spin off "Supernatural: Tribes"? CW/Supernatural

“Supernatural” has gotten its very own spinoff, and we think you’re going to love it. Following in the footsteps of the beloved CW series comes “Supernatural: Tribes,” which closely follows the plot of Eric Kripke’s thriller. But instead of Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) hunting down demons and ghosts, the Winchester brothers will be passing over their monster-hunting baton to Ennis Roth.

Now, we’re not sure if the three will meet in “Supernatural” or “Supernatural: Tribes,” but according to reports, it's the trio’s first encounter that gets the spinoff started. Ennis reportedly has had his share of brushes with monsters after someone he was once close to is murdered by one. When Sam and Dean confront Ennis regarding the five rival monster families living in Chicago, the “Tribes” protagonist makes it his duty to take down each and every supernatural creature lurking throughout the Windy City.

Besides the Winchester siblings’ first interaction with Ennis, it hasn’t been confirmed that the handsome actors will be making frequent appearances. But we can assume that if the CW isn’t impressed with the spinoff’s ratings, the network might slip Padalecki and Ackles into the script to boost morale and numbers.

Seriously, those two have a knack for making girls of every age completely melt when they come on screen. That’s probably the reason “Supernatural” has one of the most impressive ratings of all the CW shows. According to E! News, the long-running show hasn’t had a single rating drop below 2 million viewers since its debut in 2005. Not to mention, the episodes on Jan. 21 and Jan. 28 pulled in the highest numbers for the network since season six with nearly 3 million viewers! That’s a lot of screaming girls.

And we’re sure only more screeching fans will be added to the list considering the medium age of actors on “Supernatural: Tribes” is in the 20s. Seriously, what’s hotter than a hunky young dude catching abnormal creatures? That’s right; nothing!

The premiere date for “Supernatural: Tribes” has not yet been released but we will keep you updated with any news regarding the new CW show.

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