Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes arrives for the traditional Clive Davis party on the eve of the 60th Annual Grammy Awards in New York, Jan. 28, 2018. Getty Images/ Jewel Samad

After rumors earlier this month suggested that actress Katie Holmes and actor Jamie Foxx were getting an apartment together, a latest gossip claims that Suri Cruise, Holmes’ daughter with estranged husband Tom Cruise, was not happy with her mother’s decision to live together to Foxx. However, the latest narrative was branded “fake news” by Gossip Cop.

The story was published by NW magazine which built on the already debunked premise that Holmes and Foxx had bought a five-bedroom penthouse in New York City and were planning to start living under the same roof, which upset 12-year-old Suri.

“When Katie brought it up, she never imagined Suri would react that way. Suri never seemed to mind having Jamie around before. But she’s been giving her mom the cold shoulder ever since,” an anonymous source told the unreliable publication.

The insider further added: “Suri doesn’t like this idea of Jamie invading her home space and becoming a sort of stepdad.”

Instead, the source claimed that Cruise missed her biological father and wanted to spend more time with him, which was not-so-good news for the “Batman Begins” actress.

“She misses him, especially now that she’s about to become
a teenager. Having Tom back in the picture could only cause drama with Katie,” the insider was quoted as saying.

After speaking to Holmes’ rep, Gossip Cop confirmed that the actress had not bought any property with the “Django Unchained” actor and hence, had no plans to move in with him in the near future. Since the very foundation of NW’s narrative was flawed, the rumor of Suri not being happy over her mother and Foxx’s "decision" can inevitably be proved untrue.

It is also important to note that different versions of the story surrounding Holmes and Foxx buying an apartment together lists varying prices of the same property. While earlier reports said the fictional property cost $56 million, in NW’s latest version, the price is spiked to $78 million.

The fluctuating price of the same property and the lack of consistency in reporting facts also proved beyond a doubt the story was made up.