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Aubry, Michelle, Cydney and Tai made it to the “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” finale but only one walked away the winner. CBS

After over one month as a castaway the winner of CBS’ “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” was revealed during Wednesday’s finale. Find out who won the grand prize and was named the sole Season 32 survivor in episode 14.


The finale begins at day 35 at camp. Mark the Chicken upset the castaways when he wakes them up to early. Tai, who has taken Mark on as his pet, says he needs to be careful because everything Mark does is associated with him and he cannot use his immunity idol anymore so he’s vulnerable.

Tai tells Aubry she needs to get close to Cydney. Aubry wants to take out Michelle ahead of the final three. Aubry recognizes she’s a big social threat because she has not upset anyone on the jury. Meanwhile, Cydney and Michelle talk about the end. With Joe gone, Cydney says it is clear everyone wants her to go to the end and she needs to play the game carefully. Michelle says it is still anyone’s game.

Reward Challenge

Host Jeff Probst introduces the cast to the last reward challenge which will give the winner a meal to nourish their body and mind before the finale. The challenge has the four contestants go through an obstacle course, traveling under a net, stacking tiles on a machete and walking on a balance beam. The first player to find the mismatching tiles first and use the numbers on the back to open a treasure chest wins.

Cydney initially takes the lead, but Aubry picks up the pace, becoming the first person to get tiles back on her table. Her first go at a combination turns out to be incorrect but after several tries, she manages to get her chest open first. After her win, Jeff says Aubry can bring one person with her for the meal and she decides to bring Cydney, saying she wants her to be well-fed before the immunity challenge as she doesn’t want Michelle to win.

Back at camp, Michelle tells Tai they’re both on the bottom of the rung. She advises they team up to make sure they’re there in the end.

Immunity Challenge

The following day, Jeff announces the winner of the immunity challenge will automatically win a spot in the final three. The challenge has the contestants race back and forth between an ocean platform and on land trying to get a series of keys to open up staircases and puzzle pieces.

Aubry takes the lead in the game, with Cydney and Tai close behind her. When it comes down to the end, Tai takes the lead in the three-level puzzle, starting his second level first but Michelle follows quickly behind. After getting on a roll, Michelle complete the puzzle first and wins immunity.

Bye Bye, Aubry?

Back at camp, Tai and Aubry say they can save each other. Aubry says they have no choice but to take out Cydney. Despite their plan, Aubry says she’s getting a “funky vibe” from Tai and thinks he may turn on her but that she’s not going down without a fight.

Meanwhile, Michelle tells Cydney she would like to keep Aubry but she’s worried she’ll work the jury. Cydney struggles with the idea but agrees. Tai says he’s surprised by Michelle’s plan and that she’s not gunning for him because he previously tried to send her home.

Tribal Council

At tribal council, Tai makes it clear that alliances are “out the door.” After much deliberation, the vote comes down to a tie between Cydney and Aubrey and Jeff reveals they must go head-to-head in a fire-making challenge. The first player to have their fire burn through a rope first wins and stays in the game.

survivor finale
Cydney, pictured left in episode 14, was sent home in the “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” finale after Aubry (right) beat her in a fire-making challenge. CBS

Cydney gets a flame first but it quickly goes out. When Aubry’s fire takes off the jury quietly says goodbye to Cydney, but her fire soon after collapses. Aubry rebuilds her fire as Cydney tries to turn her sparks into something more. Aubry’s second go is a success and after many tense minutes, is revealed as the winner. Cydney, with tears in her eyes, tells Aubry “it’s all love.”

Major Jury Twist

Aubry says she’s surprised she won the fire-making challenge and she’s proud of herself. Michelle is not so thrilled and says she feels she “just handed Aubry $1 million” because everyone on the jury respects her, especially after winning against Cydney.

Tai notices Jeff didn't say they’re the final three and suspects their may be another challenge. Aubry tells him he’s wrong, but tree mail the following morning reveals he was right.

At the challenge, Jeff reveals they’re officially the final three and will each get their chance to plead to the jury why they deserve to win, but there’s a catch. He says they will be voting someone out of the game tonight, but it won’t be each other. The winner of the final challenge gets the right to vote out a jury member.

To win, they must balance on an unsteady beam while using a pole to stack balls on stands. If the balls fall, they must start over. Michelle takes the lead but Aubry follows close behind. Just as Aubry places her last ball at the same time as Michelle’s, hers fall and Michelle wins again.

Scot vs. Neal vs. Joe

Michelle confides in Tai and says she's thinking of taking Joe off the jury. Tai says it may be better to take Neal out. He tells the cameras he wants Neal out for his own reasons, too.

When Michelle goes to Aubry for advice she agrees that the obvious choice is Joe but also tries to get Michelle to vote for Scot. Aubry says Tai likely has more votes than he’s letting on and there’s a good chance Scot could vote for Tai if he’s not bitter about his previous betrayal. Aubry says Scot should be taken out because he may slander her character. “She has a loaded gun. I just hope she doesn’t have very good aim,” Aubry says.

During a tribal council meeting that night, Jeff reveals to the eight members of the jury that Michelle will be sending someone home. Michelle says her decision makes her feel stronger going into the final tribal council before it’s revealed by Jeff that Neal will be leaving the jury.

“You came into this game thinking you’re a bad a-- b---- but you’re more like a cute little puppy still sucking at the teet and I don’t think you stand a chance,” Neal says to Michelle as he leaves tribal. Michelle says they’re all in for a “world of hurt” if the jury vote was any indication of what’s to come.

Final Tribal Council

Nick speaks first, asking Michelle to share how intelligence has worked into her game play, asking Tai to display awareness and asking Aubry to display confidence. He says that ultimately, honestly is the most important at tribal.

Debbie asks Tai if he has more than one personality and that’s why he switched his voting plans so many times and he says he does not. Aubry tells Debbie her one regret was not helping keep her around but she was too much of a threat in the game.

Julia praises Michelle for voting her out but doesn’t know if her big moves toward the end of the season are worth the final prize. Tai tells Julia his triumphs throughout the game are greater than everything Michelle accomplished.

Despite being aligned with Aubry, Joe praises Tai for his selflessness and hard-working attitude. Aubry reminds Joe she should win because Tai was always on the wrong side of the votes.

Jason says he doesn’t know who he’s voting for. Tai explains to him that he only broke up his alliance with him and Scot because he was “scared” of their close relationship and felt they were “savage.”

Aubry says she voted for Cydney only because Michelle won immunity. Aubry adds she only did what Cydney would have done.

Scot slams Tai for wasting his immunity idol and using his voting advantage in the wrong way. He also praises Michelle for getting stronger as the game continued and claps for her.

And The Winner Is...

After the jury speaks, Jeff gives the final three their chance to share their thoughts. Aubry says she evolved as she played the game and and didn’t make any easy decisions. "I played by heart out. I think I outwitted. I know I outlasted. I would say I outplayed," she says. Tai shares he was thrilled by the whole experience and recites a Vietnamese proverb while Michelle reiterates how hard she fought in the game all the while remaining positive.

Michelle won CBS’ “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” Season 32. CBS

Jeff tells Tai to say goodbye to Mark the Chicken and continues on to the live reunion. With four votes to her name Jeff reveals in front of a live audience that the Season 32 “Koah Rong” winner is ... Michelle. “It was the season of the underdogs and Michelle came out on top!” Jeff says.

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