Susan Sarandon break up
Susan Sarandon reportedly broke up with her boyfriend Jonathan Bricklin, but Bricklin denied the rumors. Reuters

Actress Susan Sarandon might not be comfortable being the girlfriend of a reality TV star. At least that’s the latest rumor regarding her relationship with Jonathan Bricklin, an entrepreneur. Sarandon, 68, broke up with Bricklin, 37, after she felt the cameras on his AOL reality show “Connected” were too invasive, the New York Post reports. But Bricklin is denying the story.

"Susan and I have a lot of respect and great admiration for each other," Bricklin told People. "It's impossible to concisely characterize our relationship, other than to say that it continues to evolve in new and unexpected ways. She supported my decision to be a part of AOL's ‘Connected,’ and making this series about my life has brought up real and somewhat unexplored issues, but it didn't break us up."

Bricklin’s show is a documentary series produced by "Super Size Me" director Morgan Spurlock. Bricklin is one of six New Yorkers being followed, and much of his personal life with the “Thelma and Louise” actress is being filmed. It was the presence of the cameras that reportedly caused a rift between the two. A breakup scene was allegedly caught on camera for “Connected.”

“It’s documented for the show that Susan breaks up with him because she doesn’t want to be involved with the show,” a source told the New York Post. “She says, ‘You’re a cast member, I’m not.’”

Another source confirmed to E! Online that a breakup was filmed, but they also noted that it was the producers who were making Sarandon feel uncomfortable. “Even though the filming was supposed to focus on him, producers kept making it about her,” the source said. “They wanted the movie star. They put pressure on him to deliver more with her, and she finally put her foot down."

Audiences will have to watch “Connected” to find out if that’s true. The series premieres on March 31 on AOL.