Photos have surfaced online claiming to show what appears to be an Apple OLED TV. REUTERS/Stephen Lam

A crazy new rumor has started that Apple is making its own television with an OLED display. The rumor first sparked when four sketchy photos of an alleged “Apple OLED TV” began making the rounds on Twitter.

The photos of the Apple OLED TV were shared on Twitter by leaker Benjamin Geskin (@VenyaGeskin1). However, the photos actually first surfaced on the Chinese social media site Weibo. The original leaker of the photos claim the television has a display size of around 60 inches.

The sketchy photos of the alleged Apple OLED TV appear to have been taken from a video image, which also explains why the photos are blurry and of poor quality. The leaker of the photos claims the TV comes with a narrow frame design and a metal shell. Although not seen on any of the photos, the bottom portion of the display is said to come with an area for a front-facing camera.

The images show what appears to be the Apple television mounted on a rotating test bed. The TV itself appears to be in some kind of insulated room while cables are seen running down the table into the floor, as described by MacRumors.

One of the images also gives us a look at the beck of the Apple television. The Apple logo is visible, while orange cables connect the display to an unidentified testing equipment. The Apple branding appears to be the only indication that this is an Apple product. Overall, it looks like most other television screens that are already available in the market.

Apple testing several new devices isn’t so farfetched, but this OLED TV is raising some eyebrows. The tech giant has been rumored to be making its own television a few years ago, but those stopped when The Wall Street Journal reported back in 2015 that Apple abandoned its plans to build its own television in 2014.

The appearance of this Apple OLED TV is also suspicious since it could easily be a fake. The Apple logo could have simply been Photoshopped, while the poor quality of the images is intended to hide any evidence of other photo manipulations.

On the business side of things, building its own television seems be something that Apple isn’t interested in. 9To5Mac pointed out that televisions are a highly competitive business, and people who buy televisions expects to hold on to them for a long time.

This is of course not Apple’s way when it comes to its own devices as it always wants its users to upgrade as soon as possible. Just with the iPhone, Apple releases new models every year. If Apple does release its own television, the company wouldn’t be able to do the same thing.

Another problem with this alleged Apple OLED TV is that it doesn’t really have any room in the market. The most popular thing that consumers are doing now is buying a high-end television and then getting an additional set-top box like the Apple TV or a streaming dongle like the Google Chromecast.

Although these pictures could very well be fake, there’s still a possibility that these are real. The company did confirm back in April that it would be releasing a new “pro display” that would work with new Mac Pro. For now, there’s absolutely no solid piece of evidence to suggest that this is an Apple OLED television.