In an interview with marketing firm Centigrade Inc., Rossy said “I built this wing to realize my own dream: to fly like a bird. Flying is a passion. I always wanted to fly since I am a child. My inspiration has always been to realize my dream.”

Rossy was a former pilot for Swiss International Airlines. His Jetback invention has been an ongoing project for over 15 years. He previously attempted several records for jetpack flights that include flying across the English channel and another across the Strait of Gibraltar.

Some speculate that he is just a stunt performer who emerges for publicity and cash then disappears. Others disagree saying Rossy pushes for advancement and inspires the future vision of human flight. Either way, the crowd and media had their fill of chills and thrills watching Rossy’s spectacular flight. It had to have been on video since no journalists saw the live event in person. The flight was recorded by Rossy’s sponsors Breitling, a Swiss Watch company.