Symbian, the mobile phone web OS Company for a large number of the world’s phones will begin working on the development of mobile applications.

The company announced the launch of its Horizon that will publish and distribute Symbian Apps. Developer can submit their App and even submit their ideas on what they want on their App. Symbian wil then help the developers by bringing it to the market, sign the app and publish it to App Stores.

Symbian is looking for apps that cover a wide range of needs. Free or paid apps are welcome, apps that take advantage of mobile features like GPS and web integration are especially interesting, as are the standard categories like games and utilities, the company said.

Symbian Horizon is only a full pledge App store but it will also become like a hub to other App store. Symbian will help the developers to reach other App store which will surely expose the developers App into bigger market.

Symbian Horizon had already signed a contract with Nokia along with its App Store Ovi, AT&T as distribution and planning to add further connection.

Symbian plans to launch the service in October.