Experts Reveal Best Material To Use For A Mask

Federal health officials are recommending the use of face masks whenever outside your homes during the coronavirus pandemic. The public is encouraged to create their own masks using materials found in their homes. What is the best material to use?


stomach pain is a symptom of coronavirus

COVID-19 Symptoms: Experiencing Stomach Ache Could Be A Sign Of Coronavirus Infection

The main symptoms of COVID-19, as stated by government authorities, are too short and usually do not include mild signs. Health experts have repeatedly been saying there are other symptoms of coronavirus infection that may be experienced by people who have contracted them. There is also a lesser-known symptom associated with your stomach and feeling this could be a warning.
coronavirus affects this part of the body first

First Area Of The Body Affected By COVID-19, Expert Tells All

The coronavirus pandemic has been proven to be deadly to many people, although thousands have also recovered from the infection. This means it can be fatal to some but not to others. There is also a question as to what part of the body is first affected by the virus and what symptoms to expect?