Coronavirus Quarantine: How Long Should You Self-Isolate?

The deadly COVID0-19 continues to wreak havoc in nearly 200 countries around the world. As of posting, it has already infected 245,849 people around the globe and has claimed the lives of 10,047 patients. These disturbing developments have forced governments to impose drastic measures like advising people to avoid crowded places and for those showing even the mildest symptoms to self-isolate. How long should one isolate?

COVID-19 Tips: Take These Vitamins To Improve Your Immune System

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 infections continues on climbing, there is a need to keep your immune system strong. This is your primary defense as you face the specter of having to fight off a coronavirus infection. What can you do to help boost your immune system?

Strengthen Your Immune System By Having Five Of These Natural Remedies

Searching for the best natural remedies that can help boost the immune system is common particularly during the flu season. With the recent coronavirus outbreak, the effort has doubled and there is now a frantic search for ways on how to improve the immune system. Boosting your immune system is very important as it is your first line of defense against this pathogen.

Getting Coronavirus Infection Along With This Health Condition Can Put You In Danger

The spread of the deadly coronavirus is showing no signs of abating as cases in countries affected, including the UK, continue to rise. The health scare is also causing financial markets to be jittery, with stock prices plummeting due to the mass panic. While governments try to calm down the public, it is very important to remember that particular pre-existing conditions can put you at greater risk of serious complications.

Coronavirus Update: Is It Possible To Recover Then Get Infected Again?

The rapid spread of coronavirus has taken the world by surprise. Today, nearly 100,000 people are infected with 3,385 lives claimed by the deadly COVID-19. As of the latest report, 55,630 have recovered from the illness. Now, the question that is on everyone’s mind, particularly those who can survive, is if they can get infected twice.


money and coronavirus

Can Coronavirus Spread Through Banknotes?

Coronavirus has affected people all over the world. Many are wondering what causes the virus to spread so fast and how to prevent oneself from getting infected. Some are wondering whether banknotes could also spread the virus.