• The number of cases of coronavirus patients continues to rise around the world
  • Much attention was given to deaths but there's little attention given to the recovery rate 
  • The number of those who recovered is higher and here's how they were able to

The coronavirus outbreak is impacting the day-to-day lives of many people in more than 180 different countries and territories. In the UK, strict new measures have been put in place. These include staying at home and avoiding non-essential travel and going on self-isolation if you have even the mildest symptoms.

On a global scale, the numbers kept on climbing, and at present, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is at 277,004, with 11,424 deaths. In terms of the death toll, Italy is the hardest hit at 4,032, but they also have 5,129 patients who already recovered.

In China, where it all started, the total number of infections is 81,008, and their death toll is at 3,255. The remaining active cases in China is 6,013, of which 1,927 is in serious or critical condition. The total number of patients in China who already recovered is 71,740.

In the UK, there are already 3,983 cases of confirmed COVID-19 infections, of which 177 have already died and another 20 in critical condition. The active cases of COVID-19 are at 3,741, and there are already 65 patients who recovered.

coronavirus recovery
coronavirus recovery geralt - Pixabay

The Rate Of Recovery

Looking at the data on a global scale, the rate of recovery is approximately 89%, which means there are many people with a good chance of defeating the infection. Unfortunately, data also shows some bad news for those with existing medical conditions and the elderly.

According to data, most of those who died from COVID-19 infection are those aged 60 years old or over and those suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. This why in countries like the UK, those considered most at risk from developing serious complications due to COVID-19 are advised to avoid social contact for three months. This is their primary means of protection against getting infected.

A Strong Immune System

There is no cure or vaccine for the virus at present, but scientists are working round the clock to discover one, so it could be rapidly distributed. In the case of those who already recovered, health experts observe that many of them are healthy, which also means they must have strong immune systems.

In the case of symptoms, health experts say eight out of ten patients experience mild and flu-like symptoms. Those who recovered say that they just did what they always do when they have flu. They rest longer, drink lots of water, and take paracetamol. Many of them did not hospital care and were able to recover without getting any help from medical professionals.

If you think, however, that you have coronavirus, you need to self-isolate for at least seven days. You also need to be aware that there are people who develop a more severe form of coronavirus. This happens when there is an overreaction from their immune system, causing their lungs to become inflamed, leading to pneumonia.

The important thing to do, in the meantime, is to strengthen your immune system by eating lots of organic fresh fruits and vegetables. You also need to exercise to keep your body fit. There is no need to go someplace else to exercise as you can perform simple ones at home.