Arianna Huffington Calls Obama's bin Laden Ad 'Despicable'

Media mogul Arianna Huffington called an Obama 2012 campaign ad with former President Bill Clinton despicable for questioning whether or not GOP rival Mitt Romney would have made the same call President Obama did to capture and kill Osama bin Laden.

International Center Of Photography Features WeeGee, The Father Of Tabloid Coverage

The WeeGee: Murder is My Business exhibition includes a mix of raw imagery, crimes and news reports of the time; resulting in a truly graphic collection of photographs which pride themselves on being unshakable from the mind. Many of WeeGee's images, such as the Naked City, which is displayed at the center's museum in all its frightening glory- once inspired the early tabloid newspapers and are partly responsible for making tabloid journalism what it is today!

Dangerous Medicines Exposed In China

Yet another grim development in China's ongoing battle with poor industrial and manufacturing practices -- what do you do if the pills you take make you even sicker than before?


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Joe Muto Fox News Mole: His Biggest Allegations About The News Giant

Swiftly and without much hullabaloo, Fox News exterminated The Fox Mole, a Fox News employee who had been feeding anonymous information to Gawker from inside the organization, in less than 24 hours. On Monday, at around 3 p.m. he published his first article. By Tuesday just before 9 p.m., The Fox Mole was fired and he revealed his true identity on Gawker as former Fox News employee Joe Muto.
Anderson Cooper Giggles

Anderson Cooper Giggles Uncontrollably On Air… Again! [VIDEO]

Anderson Cooper might be one of the most renowned journalists in broadcast journalism but he is not immune to a case of the giggles. The CNN host fell into a fit of giggles while reciting The RidicuList on his show Anderson Cooper 360° which included the festival of Dyngus Day. And it was all caught on video.
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India, China Headed for Asbestos Catastrophe: Experts

India and China are headed for an absolute catastrophe of death and disease because of likely massive jump in asbestos-related diseases in the coming decades, says a report written by Pulitzer winning journalist Gary Cohn.