• Bungie surprised players with a new cutscene involving Osiris and Rasputin after the game's weekly reset on Tuesday
  • The cutscene provides the first narrative tease Bungie has provided for the next season of content in "Destiny 2"
  • Previous leaks and teases have pointed to the reported return of the popular competitive multiplayer mode, "Trials of Osiris"

Bungie surprised “Destiny 2” players on Tuesday with a new cutscene teasing what’s coming to the game in the next season of content.

The new cutscene greeted players who logged into “Destiny 2” after the game’s weekly reset on Tuesday. Osiris, who was a central character during “Season of Dawn,” appeared to confront the powerful A.I. Rasputin at its central core on Mars. He demands to know where the A.I. stands in the conflict between the light and dark, but ends before Rasputin can answer.

While reported leaks and earlier teases had enticed players with what’s to come on the multiplayer side, this is the first direct tease to where the game’s narrative is going.

Bungie previously teased Mars and Rasputin as part of its “Year 3” content roadmap during “ViDocs” released around the time “Shadowkeep” was released. Those teases have ramped up as “Season of Dawn” comes to a close and before “Season of the Worthy” begins on March 10.

The biggest tease has been the return of the popular multiplayer mode, “Trials of Osiris.” It was discovered by dataminers who found dialogue and quest descriptions focused around restoring a location in the game called the Lighthouse, which was central to “Trials” in the original “Destiny.”

Guardians began restoring the Lighthouse as part of an in-game event called “Empyrean Foundation,” which had players gathering and donating resources to rebuild it. Dataminers found this would lead into a quest, reportedly called “Worthy,” that would serve as the starting point for the next season.

A line was also found by the dataminers that reportedly said “With the restoration of the Lighthouse complete, Trials of Osiris and more will return in Season of the Worthy.”

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