• A UFO expert spotted a ship on Mars
  • The image of the ship on Mars appeared on Google Mars
  • The expert believes the ship was used by ancient aliens

A UFO expert claimed to have spotted an old ship on Mars. He said that the ship was taken from Earth and left on the Red Planet.

The claims regarding the appearance of an old ocean vessel on Mars were made by Scott Warring of ET Data Base. He said he came across the image of the ship while he was browsing through the Mars feature of Google Maps.

As Waring was exploring the Martian surface, he came across an object that appears to be half-buried in the sand. After carefully studying the object, Waring speculated that it could be a ship that was taken from Earth.

Based on the appearance of the object, Waring noted that its features resemble those commonly seen in old warships from World War I and World War II.

“I found a ship with structures along with it sailing through the sand,” Waring wrote in a blog post. “I am confident that these are structures sticking up from the ship. It’s possible that this ship was taken from Earth and left here when they were done with it.”

In addition to his theory about an Earth ship being taken to Mars, Waring said it’s also possible that the vessel was made and used by the ancient aliens that once lived on the Red Planet. He believes its presence proves that flowing water once existed on the Red Planet.

In other words, Waring believes the alleged ship was used by the ancient aliens as a form of water-based transportation on Mars.

“This could also be proof of an ancient ocean on Mars,” he explained. “This could be a sea vessel that they used long ago and it kept its shape. Perhaps they used some kind of rust-proof material that cannot degrade.”

Although the strange object is shaped like a ship, it is most likely just a rock formation on the surface of Mars. Based on the photos shared by Waring on his blog, the object appears to be a portion of a larger rock formation that was buried in sand.

Mars Global Surveyor Artist Concept
An artist concept of NASA Mars Global Surveyor MGS flying over Mars. NASA/JPL-Caltech