US Stock Futures To Open Lower

U.S. stock index futures point to a lower open on Thursday weighed down by weak Chinese data, and concerns about the Fed's bond-buying program.

Fed Tapering: Winners & Losers

Which types of U.S. investors will gain when the Federal Reserve eventually tapers -- i.e., decreases -- its quantitative easing program?


Pizza lady

Don't Buy Fannie Mae Stock, Buy Pizza

On March 14, Fannie Mae stock was floundering around 50 cents per share. On March 15, the fuse was lit on shares of FNMA as housing legislation rumors swirled around the digisphere. By March 16, the stock jumped 20 percent, and by the end of the next day it hit 75 cents per share -- a 50 percent spike in a week on pure rumors. Not bad.A week later, Fannie Mae stock tripled, then lost all of the value it gained in the same day. Does anybody else see a serious problem with this? I do. Originally, I wanted to buy Fannie Mae stock, thinking it sounded like a lucrative idea. The line of thought went something like: The better the housing market does, the better the stock will do, right?