Beyonce Knowles is one of the world’s most renowned celebrity. As successful as she is, her net worth is also off the chart. With over $400 million, Jay-Z’s wife made it to Forbe’s 2019 America’s Self-Made Women (millionaire).

With Beyonce’s popularity status and wealth, fans are curious how she’s spending her hard-earned bucks. Other than designer clothes, accessories, lavish vacations, cars and real estate investment, the 38-year-old singer spent $40 million to buy a private jet for her husband Jay-Z.

Did that pique your interest? Then, let’s take a closer look inside the private jet that Beyonce bought for Jay-Z.

Beyonce got Jay-Z a $40 Million Bombardier Challenger 850. This private jet features a wide space enough for an estimated 15-19 passengers —that is already enough for the entire family, plus the nannies. According to CW44 Tampa Bay, the Beyonce’s luxurious gift also boasts a kitchen, living room, bedroom and two bathrooms.

It is no secret that commercial airplane food is not that great. Apparently, Jay-Z’s private jet reportedly offers quality airplane food. The private jet has 3-zone cabins which features as forward and aft lavs, the Business Jet Traveller reported. It also has a huge forward galley, a baggage compartment from the aft lav and a center lounge, which can turn an entertainment room, lounge or stateroom. The private plane also features a digital cabin entertainment system where guests can take advantage of, as well as touch screen controls, phone and wifi.

In addition, Bombardier Challenger 850 has different configurations. There’s executive-seating configuration and a corporate configuration, Corporate Jet Investor reported. The executive-seating configuration, which most fans presume as the choice of configuration for the couple, the cabin can hold a four-seat conference table, two 3-seat divan, sleeping areas for seven passengers. As for the corporate configuration, it can hold 30 passengers but it wouldn’t be as spacious as the executive-seating.

Here’s a bit of history of Bombardier Challenger 850. Apparently, Jay-Z’s private jet is the largest, super mid-size business aircraft manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace. The said company reportedly started manufacturing the Bombardier Challenger 850 in 2006 based on the 50-seater CRJ200 airliner.

For those who are very particular with the technical specifications, Jay-Z’s private jet reportedly has an 2X General Electric CF34-3B1 engine. The avionics is a Rockwell Collins ProLine 4. Jay-Z’s private jet has a max cruise speed of 459 knots (850km/h) with a power of 8.729 pound-force. The service ceiling is at 41,000 feet and the rate of climb is at 12 feet/minute (0.06 meters/second).

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