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TV personality Tamra Judge attends the World Premiere of The Emoji Movie at the Regency Village Theater, on July 23, 2017, in Westwood, California. VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

Tamra Judge recently explained why she decided post her daughter Sidney Barney’s graduation photo despite being asked not to.

During the “Real Housewives of Orange County” Season 12 reunion (via People), Judge explained that she was so “elated” to be invited to the event that she wanted to document the moment. “It was something I had been thinking about for the past few years. It was the next milestone in her life that I didn’t want to miss,” she said.

But after thinking about things carefully, Judge got hurt over the fact that she wasn’t involved in her daughter’s graduation preparations. “Why am I not helping her? Why am I not picking out the dress? Why am I not planning it? It’s just so hurtful,” she added.

Barney decided to invite her mom to her graduation after her dad, Simon Barney, asked her to. The 18-year-old graduated from high school in June, and she initially asked her mom to not post any photos of her on her social media account. Judge agreed not to do so but she later uploaded their photo.

The reality TV star added that she got upset when she saw that her ex-husband posted photos of their daughter during her graduation that included her. This move, according to Judge, caused the tabloids to think that she didn’t get invited to the momentous occasion.

Following the incident, Barney posted a lengthy rant on Facebook expressing her disappointment towards her mother. “Not even two weeks after I graduated she posted a photo of me and shared it with her one million followers knowing that it would get picked up by the press. The one thing I asked and have been asking for four years now has been to not talk about me because I don’t want to be in the spotlight,” she wrote, but the post has since been deleted.

According to People, Judge and her estranged husband divorced in 2011. The court granted the parents joint custody of their three children, Sidney, Simon and Sophia. But the judge later on changed the ruling after Sidney expressed her desire to live with her dad full-time.