Patricia Krentcil, known in the media as "tan mom" after a controversial report that she let her six-year-old daughter tan in a tanning salon, is back. The New Jersey mother appeared on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show to clear the air and ended up in a fight with a prank caller posing to be Kelly Ripa.

“I wanna say to the world,…can I curse? F--k you all. You are liars … the people — people make judgments and they don’t even know me," Krentcil said on Howard Stern.

Krenctil, who used to sport a deep tan, was charged with child endangerment after her six-year-old daughter went to school with burn marks allegedly from tanning in an indoor tanning salon with her mother. Krentcil, though, denied the allegations and said her daughter was burned from being outside in the sun.

"You are the most famous tanner in the country right now," Howard Stern told Krentcil.

"It's crazy what they did and it's crazy what they did to my children," Krentcil said of the media's role in her case.

Krentcil became the butt of jokes during the controversy, including an infamous spoof on "Saturday Night Live" by Kristen Wiig and another by Kelly Ripa during the "Live! With Kelly and Michael" Halloween special.

A prank phone caller dialed in to give Krentcil a hard time, posing as Kelly Ripa.

"You look like a burnt octopus, tan mom," the caller said, posing as Ripa.

"Get over yourself 'cause you're really really not pretty," Krentcil responded. "I don't think you're pretty at all. I think you're ugly. I would knock you out."

Stern broke up the fight and admitted he is friends with Ripa. Krentcil then advised Stern to "Lose the b--ch" and continued to threaten the caller.

"Hang up the phone before I throw this at you," Krenctil said, holding a bottle of water.

Then, the tables turned when another caller dialed in and ased Krentcil to leave her husband for him.

"I do adore you, sweetheart," the caller said, to which Patricia Krenctil jokes she would leave her husband.