Women Hairstyles
Young women hairstyles pixabay.com

Women hairstyles are incredibly versatile, especially these days. No matter which length you prefer or your hair texture, there are always plenty of options to choose from. However, today we are going to center our attention on all sorts of short hairstyles that are going to be on the edge of popularity during the upcoming year.

Stylish Pixie Haircut Variations

The pixie cut is the first cut on the list. The truth is those of you who prefer edgy and very short cuts will find this one more than appealing.

There are times when it is hard to decide whether super short hairstyles for women or average ones are those that you seek. That is when an asymmetric pixie saves the day!

Side-swept pixie is incredibly sassy and easy to look after. If that is the cut of your dream, during 2020, it is going to be very required, so you shouldn’t hesitate to get one!

Those of you who are thinking about changing the image dramatically but with a sense of style to it will certainly appreciate a polished pixie with an icy blonde color to it.

Layered pixie is usually the choice of those who wish to look stylish and elegant with a tint of edginess to the look. Besides, the texture it adds is impressive.

Undercut pixie is always nice to look at, which means that the hairstyle joyfully treads its way into the upcoming season. If you haven’t tried it yet, you may opt for it when the new year comes.

Classy and Not Only Bob Cuts

Strong bob is the cut that is going to be the hit of all charts and the option for strong, confident women with straight hair.

Feathered ends lob is the option to go for if all straight is not your cup of tea. The feathered needs mixed with beach waves will result in a sleek mermaid look.

Chic bob with light waves will satisfy even the pickiest of you, especially if you are the lucky owner of a curly mane. You can keep it short and simple and let the waves take care of the rest.

France is where all the style comes from. That is why French bob is the cup worthy of our consideration!

Chin length bob is easy to miss since it may seem too simple. However, you can easily make it look different every time by just using your blow-dryer and a bit of product.

If you like to experiment with your hair all the time, then a disconnected bob will be a dream come true. Choose the proper coloring, and your hair will not only be on the move but also vibrating with a gorgeous tone too.

One of the reasons why an inverted bob remains on the edge of popularity is the fact that it is ultimately versatile and feminine-looking.

For the Bang Lovers

Curtain bangs are the perfect option if you want to add some spicy element to your look, but you do not want it to be of high-maintenance. Pair then with a straight bob, and you will achieve a stylish and trendy result.

Box bob with bangs enhanced with vibrant hues is certainly the attention stealer. If you are looking for the hairstyle to attracts adoring glances, that would be the one.

Razor cut bob sounds very edgy and rebellious. However, it is nothing else but a classy bob with a modern twist to it. To put it simply, if you do not seek a dramatic change to your polished look, this turn will spice things up for you.

Edgy and Sleek Cuts

You shouldn’t be misled by the fact that undercuts are usually paired with pixies. The fact is that bobs with undercuts are going to be as required this season too.

Another edgy hairstyle on the list is the faux Hawk. In case you decide to go down that road, you need to be aware of the fact that it is going to require some time and effort to style it.

Tomboy haircut is quite a dramatic cut, especially if you have never tried anything that short before. But it is going to be trending when 2020 hits, keep that in mind.

Women who are constantly on the move usually need a cut that is super simple to look after. That is what pageboy cut comes merely irreplaceable.

We started our list with an edgy cut, and we are going to close this 2020 hairstyles list with a not less edgy and just as trendy cut – foxy fade.

Use these trendy look to your advantage and keep it stylish all year long!