The Tata Megapixel was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2012.
The Tata Megapixel was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2012. The Megapixel is a new range extended electric vehicle from the Indian automaker. Left to right: Ratan N. Tata, Chairman, Tata Sons & Tata Motors; Cyrus P. Mistry, Deputy Chairman; Ravi Kant, Vice Chairman; P. M. Telang, Managing Director - India Operations; Dr. Timothy Leverton, Head - Advanced and Product Engineering. Tata Motors

There have been a lot of flashy sports cars and intimidating luxury palaces at the Geneva Motor Show 2012, but the car that perhaps deserves the most notice is the unassuming Tata Megapixel, Tata Motors' new range extended electric vehicle (REEV) concept car.

The tiny but technologically impressive Tata Megapixel demonstrates that the Indian auto manufacturer is capable of far greater feats than just the Tata Nano, one of the world's cheapest cars at $3,053. As the name denotes, the Megapixel is a bigger version of the Tata Pixel concept debuted at last year's Geneva Motor Show.

Instead, the Tata Megapixel is a cutting edge REEV, meaning that it is powered by a lithium ion phosphate battery, which in turn can be recharged on the go by an onboard gasoline generator. The battery powers four electric motors which propel the Megapixel at a stately maximum speed of 68.4 mph. The Tata Megapixel has a range of 559 miles.

Tata, India's largest auto manufacturer, seems to be taking aim at that nation's massive urban market with features it debuted in the Tata Megapixel. The electric motors on each wheel allow the Megapixel to drive the wheels in opposite directions, allowing an acute parking angle and a turning radius of just a hair over nine feet. In a congested urban environment, the Megapixel is essentially able to make a 180-degree rotation using an improved version of what Tata calls a Zero Turn drive system.

Also targeted at urban drivers are the Tata Megapixel's double sliding doors. Rather than using standard or scissor doors, the Megapixel actually has four sliding doors, again maximizing the parkability of the car. The Megapixel seats four.

Of course, the Tata Megapixel is only a concept, and some of the features seem unlikely to make it to production anytime soon, like its wireless induction charging system. Right now Tata does not have any North American operations, so don't hold your breath on seeing a Megapixel derived vehicle here anytime soon.

Tata showed off its flashy new REEV four-door in a surprisingly informative promotional video.