• Tayler Holder said he didn't have a "romantic lunch" with Charly Jordan when he was still dating Sommer Ray
  • The TikTok star said Ray blocked him multiple times but he never unfollowed her
  • Fans have come out in support of Holder and Jordan since the release of his video

TikTok star Tayler Holder has shut down rumors that he cheated on ex Sommer Ray with new girlfriend Charly Jordan.

In a video titled “A Message To Sommer Ray,” which went viral on YouTube and Instagram, Holder maintained his innocence, stating that he “never cheated on Sommer.”

Addressing the rumors circulating on social media regarding his relationships, Holder said, “I’m just gonna hit the pinpoints because I don’t wanna make this like an ongoing thing.” 

“I never unfollowed Sommer. Sommer blocked me on countless occasions because of our personal problems that we were having. With that being said, whenever you block someone, it makes the other one unfollow you,” the 23-year-old TikTok star continued.

Talking about how the speculation is affecting his relationship with Jordan, Holder said that the situation is making his current girlfriend “feel a certain way and getting attacked a lot on the internet.” The TikTok star insisted that he will not “let that slide because I care a lot about her.”

Holder also addressed claims that he had a “romantic lunch” with Jordan when he was still with his ex-girlfriend. Ray had accused Holder of lying about their relationship.

“Nobody lied. That date that we were on was never a date,” Holder clarified. “That lunch was a business meeting for her and some other business people… it got canceled.”

“She asked me and a few of my roommates we were with. No-one wanted to come so I was like, sure… paparazzi happened to catch us there. It looked like we were on a date,” the social media star added. 

On Oct. 13, Jordan and Holder made their relationship Instagram official. This happened around the time that Holder and Ray seemed to have parted ways. 

At the time, fans of Ray and Holder had accused Jordan of playing a role in their split and began lashing out at her. Jordan then called out her haters in a series of posts on her Instagram Stories last week, slamming them for spreading false information. 

Meanwhile, numerous fans have come out in support of Holder and Jordan since the release of his new video. 

“Tayler is too nice of a person to ever cheat,” wrote one fan.

“I love that he made this because charly was uncomfortable. he seems like such a sweet man. I hope these two last and sommer stops being so petty,” another commented.

Another fan was upset that Holder had to reveal private details about his relationships just to put the rumors to rest.

“The fact that he had to say this to her in social media. In PUBLIC where everyone can see,” wrote the fan. “Just because she doesn’t want to talk about it with him. It’s sad because even he took the situation maturely and she isn’t. Some relationships don’t last. And it’s part of life it isn’t always gonna last so she should wish the best for him and his current or even future girlfriend.”

Tayler Holder with Charly Jordan Tayler Holder with Charly Jordan Photo: Tayler Holder/Instagram