Taylor Kinney
Taylor Kinney, photographed on the red carpet at the 2016 People's Choice Awards at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Jan. 6, 2016, opens up about planning his wedding with Lady Gaga. Getty Images

It’s been nearly one year since actor Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga got engaged and still very little is known about their big day. The “Chicago Fire” star was asked about his impending nuptials during a recent interview, but he chose not to divulge any major secrets. He did, however, reveal who’s taken on the majority of the planning responsibility.

Kinney, 34, told E! News that he and fiancée Lady Gaga, 29, had “maybe” decided on a date to become husband and wife. He did not, however, provide any hints as to when that date may be. Kinney then joked that he was only in charge of one thing: soup. He joked that he was “gonna make soup” for the ceremony before revealing that he’s left much of the decision making in Lady Gaga’s hands.

“I leave it to her,” he said.

In another interview, conducted by People magazine, Kinney was asked again about a potential wedding date. He told the publication he and Lady Gaga wanted to “keep it a surprise.” He shared no further details about the wedding or the planning process.

Although Kinney may or may not be certain of the details of their wedding, there is one thing he knows for sure: he wants loads of children with Lady Gaga. In October 2015, while speaking with HuffPost Live, the actor said that he came from a large family and wanted the same for his future offspring. He joked that he wanted “a brood” of children, “a little soccer team,” he said.

Lady Gaga has yet to comment on her and Kinney’s wedding plans. Check out Kinney's full interview with E! below: