Through a variety of roles during his tenure, Sunny Nandwani has been tasked with solving technical business problems for some of the world's most notable companies. He understands business processes and the technical tools needed to address and optimize those processes in a way that sets him apart. Early on in his professional life, Sunny was using technology to help change how companies operated on a large scale. Today, digital transformation is a term heard across functions and industries, but Sunny had a vision for digital transformation way before it was trending.

Sunny Nandwani
Sunny Nandwani Sunny Nandwani

Every once in a while, people curate their own uncanny ability to see the big picture while still understanding even the most minute details; Sunny is one of those people. He started out as a technical IT specialist at Infosys where he developed a deep knowledge and understanding of technology he leans on today. After 4 years there, he moved into the consulting world, constantly challenged by new problems and goals, that were tackled with constant interaction with new teams and organizations.

We sat down with Sunny Nandwani to get more details about his professional journey and how his firm, Acuver Consulting, helps its clients alleviate challenges in their supply chains.

How would you describe your journey – what brought you to where you are as an industry leader and supply chain expert?

Throughout my consulting career, my projects were always centered around providing technical solutions to real-world problems. I began to work on supply chain and manufacturing projects and was quickly fascinated by the scope for improvement often existed in those areas for every single one of my clients. It seemed that each project I supported as a consultant combined technology, business, and functional knowledge; putting those pieces together came very naturally to me. I began applying my understanding and problem-solving techniques to distributed order management, multi-channel fulfillment, warehouse management, and logistics management. After years in this niche segment, I realized I was ready for my next big undertaking: Acuver Consulting.

I had worked at some of the most prominent consulting firms like Accenture and Headstrong, and in 2013, I decided that I was ready to start a business of my own, on my terms. Having worked through business problems every day of my career, I felt confident that my approach would set my business apart from competitors.

How would you describe Acuver Consulting's mission and vision?

Acuver Consulting is a consulting and IT services company that helps organizations change their approaches to supply chain execution and analytics. With my extensive background addressing these problems project-by-project as a consultant, it was important to me that Acuver was seen as a resource that could address these issues holistically for our clients. At Acuver, we focus on getting to know the nuances of each client's successes and room to leverage opportunity, ensuring that the solution is tailored to meet their needs, not what they "appear" to need.

What would you say Acuver's guiding principles are?

Starting Acuver has challenged me to develop as a leader; the day-to-day of what we do requires me to use skills that I have been developing throughout my career, but as the owner of the firm, I'm responsible for how our clients see us, keeping my teams on the same page, and delivering stellar results from start to finish. The name Acuver comes from amalgamation of the words "accuracy" and "veracity," which are what the organization aims to embody in every aspect of our functioning. We focus on empathizing with clients before taking action and providing effective solutions that actually address the problems at hand. In the last 9 years, Acuver has served over 75 clients in across industries and stages of growth, helping each one to reach its digital transformation goals.

What about Acuver Consulting makes you feel the proudest?

Soon after its inception, Acuver Consulting became an IBM-premium business partner, and it has been a rewarding journey since then. The organization now has over 150 employees and was certified as a "Great Place to Work" in India in 2022. It is headquartered in Bangalore, India but has expanded operations to Singapore and Australia to serve more clients.

Building an organization from scratch is never easy, and there are many things to be proud of. However, my team is what makes me the proudest. Helping clients find success after a long journey of trials and tribulations is incredibly rewarding but working with brilliant individuals who know when to challenge each other, try an innovative approach, or take a project to new heights is what makes me wake up with a smile every day.