“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans admitted to being hooked on heroin Wednesday. The drug addiction had just been a rumor until she took to Twitter to scold one of her ex-boyfriends. The 21-year-old starlet wrote her ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp a message berating him for getting her addicted to the dangerous narcotic.

Evans has had a tumultuous relationship with Delp, who has also appeared on the MTV series numerous times as the young mother’s boyfriend.

She said to her former lover on Twitter Wednesday:

@confidence117k i hate you kieffer!!!! why cant you leave my life alone and stay away from me..you got me strung out on herion #BYE.”

She also wrote to him, “@confidence117k u need to just stay out of my life kieffer i am SERIOUS!! who cares about you??? NOT ME !! I LOVE @Kourtkourt910 ....GOODBYE.”

In the latest episode of “Teen Mom 2,” Delp came to see Evans after she wound up in jail due to domestic abuse from her former fiancé Gary Head. Even her husband, Courtland Rogers, had been accused of physically assaulting Evans, but on Wednesday, she had nothing but hate to spew at Delp.

During her Twitter dispute with him, she sent a message out to her husband.

@Kourtkourt910 damn babe i am so sorry i feel bad for what he is doing,” she wrote to Rogers. “dont worry i promise he is a POS and i swear that u are mine forever.”

She also seemed to refer to Delp in a tweet to one of her followers, “@LottesOfMottes I'm sorry if he still loves me, but i have a husband and I want this marriage to work. #SorryNotSorry.”

Now that Evans has admitted to the heroin use, MTV is not sure if they will continue to film “Teen Mom 2,” according to E News.

The news site added Evans has been saying she was suffering with ovarian cysts when she was really being rushed to the hospital because of heroin use.

The source told the celebrity news site that Evans "is a heroin addict” and added that she "told one of her cast mates she never had a cyst and that's what she made up for when she went into the hospital for heroin the first time" last September.