Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans, in stripes and shackles, walks into the courtroom. Twitter

“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans is in the spotlight once again, facing reports that she was involuntarily admitted to a rehabilitation center for a week.

A photo of the "notice of hearing/rehearing for involuntary commitment" surfaced with Evans’ name circled in yellow.

Underneath the photo posted by @WyndiHill that is going viral on Twitter, it reads:

“Committed,” in large font. “A North Carolina judge signed these involuntary papers forcing Jenelle to stay at a mental health facility, stating, ‘It has been alleged that you are mentally ill and a proper subject for involuntary commitment.”

Evans didn’t directly say whether or not she was actually admitted, and addressed the issue with the Examiner quoting the young mother as saying, “lmao that was a month old.”

It seems strange that the reality star would respond to the picture in such a manner when she could have just ignored it.

The photo doesn’t have a date on it, but it says Evans is “mentally ill” and needs to be “involuntarily committed.”

The MTV reality show "Teen Mom 2" followed Evans when she went to rehab for marijuana. She said she was addicted to the recreational drug and found it impossible to stop smoking it.

In the facility she was diagnosed as bipolar and prescribed medicine for the mental illness.

Since Evans' first stint in rehab for drugs, she has been unable to give up marijuana and was incarcerated after failing to abide by the rules set by her probation officer.

Evans is the most troubled mother of the second season of “Teen Mom,” with her mother having custody over her 4-year-old son Jace, recently marrying a man she’s only known for a matter of months and constantly being in trouble with the law.

Her tale is currently being told on the third season of “Teen Mom 2,” which shows on MTV every Monday at 10/9c.