“Teen Mom 2” stars (from left) Chelsea Houska, Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer returned for the Season 7 premiere on Monday. MTV

The “Teen Mom 2” cast is back. MTV premiered Season 7 of the hit docuseries on Monday. During the one-hour installment, titled “Here We Go Again,” Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans dealt with custody issues, child-rearing struggles, relationship roadblocks and more. Relive six of the top OMG moments from the first 2016 episode below:

1. Nathan threatens Jenelle. After getting arrested for brawling with her ex Nathan Griffith’s new girlfriend, Jenelle explains the altercation to a friend. She says the woman was on her property and got out of a vehicle to “come at” her. Jenelle says she threw water at her and the bottle slipped out of her hand, hitting her head. (Nathan argues his girlfriend was “screaming in pain” and had a “gash” on her head.) During their talk, Jenelle gets a call from Nathan, who says he wants to see their son Kaiser. After Jenelle argues it’s best for Kaiser to stay with her — Nathan says he would put him in day care while he’s in school — Nathan reveals he and his girlfriend are planning to raise Jenelle’s misdemeanor charge to a felony so she won’t be able to get a job.

When Jenelle talks to her lawyer, the professional tells Jenelle her ex is simply angry. The lawyer says the assault and battery charge could result in 30 days in jail. Later, Jenelle reveals she’s fearful if the charges don’t get dropped she may not get a job in the medical field.

2. Ali and Aleeah complain. Leah says she finds it difficult to wake up her twins and get them out the door in time for school, which is 45 minutes away. During one particularly rough morning, Ali complains when she finds out Leah hasn’t bought any Lunchables, and Aleeah cries about having to eat breakfast at school and not getting a bagged lunch. Leah explains she’s not going to cook breakfast like their dad, Corey Simms, when they have to get up so early.

Aleeah’s complaints continue when Leah refuses to stop at a gas station for snacks en route to school.

“I don’t trust you. Take me back home. Cause you’re always worrying about everything else except going to pick us up and giving us lunch,” Aleeah cries. “I’m cold and I don’t have nothing to eat.”

3. Javi’s upset. Kail reveals she has decided not to bring her ex Jo Rivera to court regarding child support for their son Isaac. When talking about her decision with her husband, Javi Marroquin, he makes it clear he doesn’t want a relationship with Jo. Despite commenting he doesn’t spend enough time with Kail, Javi decides not to attend a family photo shoot, which Jo and his girlfriend also attend.

After the event, Kail invites Javi to join them for a meal, but he refuses to go. Javi then asks Kail to bring their son Lincoln home so he can’t go out to dinner with everyone else. “If I’m not there, there’s no reason for Lincoln to be there,” he says. Kail refuses Javi’s request and says she’s upset by his actions. Jo tells Kail he’s willing to talk to Javi about his issues.

4. Sugar packet. During a lunch date with a pal, Leah opens up about how tough it is for her to wake up sometimes to drive the twins to school. During the chat, Leah’s youngest daughter, Adalynn, whom she shares with ex Jeremy Calvert, hands her a sugar packet and prompts her to open it. When Leah is busy talking, the 2-year-old eats its entire contents while sporting a mischievous grin. Sugar rush, anyone?

5. Adam’s custody request. After making an appearance at Aubree’s first day of school, Adam Lind asks Chelsea if they can meet to discuss visitation. Chelsea agrees, but tells her friend she’s worried about changing Aubree’s life too much and says she wants to give her time to adjust to kindergarten. Chelsea says she ultimately doesn’t and never will trust Adam. “I will always think he’s a pile,” she says. Adam later calls Chelsea’s change of heart about visitation “shocking.”

6. Ali’s heartbreaking appointment. After Ali, who has muscular dystrophy, falls several times, Leah and Corey bring her to the doctor. The professional reveals that once Ali hits age 7 her symptoms will worsen and her strength will decrease. Ali is advised to use a power wheelchair at all times. “Close to 7, it starts to go downhill,” the doctor says, also telling Leah and Corey to contact the Make a Wish Foundation to get Ali’s wish fulfilled before she can no longer walk.

“Teen Mom 2” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV. What did you think of the premiere? Sound off in the comments section below!