Jenelle Evans appeared on "The Doctors" last week to discuss her medical issues. Has she been cured? Pictured: Jenelle in a promo for MTV's "Teen Mom 2." MTV

Jenelle Evans appeared to get a proper diagnosis for her mystery medical ailments on “The Doctors” on Friday, but the “Teen Mom 2” star said she’s still seeking answers.

On the talk show, the MTV personality revealed she’s suffered from a wide variety of symptoms, including loss of appetite, body aches and hot flashes, since January. After speaking to her, two specialists, an endocrinologist and an OB-GYN, concluded that Jenelle, 24, needed to stop talking her birth control pills. Jenelle revealed she had removed her etonogestrel implant a few months prior due to acne and mood swings in favor of the pill. The doctors told Jenelle if she came off the pill, her symptoms might dissipate.

However, on Monday, Jenelle told her Twitter followers she hasn’t experienced much relief since coming off the medication. “Same symptoms and still trying to get answers actually,” she wrote to one fan.

While "The Doctors" specialists told Jenelle her decision to quit marijuana, in an effort to win back custody of her eldest son, was likely causing her increase in anxiety, Jenelle said she’s not experiencing pot withdrawal.

“Why does everyone keeping saying this?” Jenelle responded to a tweet about her "marijuana withdrawls.” “It’s from my birth control… And I’m off of it and still don’t feel good.”

Luckily for Jenelle, she just had a few days worth of fun, rest and relaxation. Following her appearance on “The Doctors,” she announced over the weekend she’s going on spring break to South Padre Island in Texas through Tuesday. Her boyfriend, David Eason, appears to have joined her for the sunny getaway.


My man crush.

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Despite considering quitting “Teen Mom 2” due to her medical issues, Jenelle will reprise her role on Season 7 of the docuseries, which premieres Monday, March 21, at 10 p.m. EST on MTV. The new season will follow Jenelle’s rocky relationship with her ex, Nathan Griffith, and the drama surrounding her romance with David.