Amber Portwood and Matt Baier
Amber Portwood has confirmed why she called off her wedding to Matt Baier. Here, they are pictured at the April 12, 2015 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles. Getty Images

Their relationship’s major ups and downs have been documented for a long while on “Teen Mom OG,” but the final straw for Amber Portwood only came in April of this year, forcing her to call off her October plans to finally wed Matt Baier.

In a new interview with Us Weekly, Amber, 27, confirmed earlier rumors that drugs played a role in her decision to end her nearly three-year relationship with Matt, 46. In the interview, she admitted that his handing castmate Catelynn Lowell a Xanax during an April press event for the show was the moment she decided to end things.

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“It was pretty much the straw that broke the camel’s back,” Amber, who is sober five years, told the magazine. “We’re not together now.”

The incident occurred when Matt offered Catelynn the anxiety medication, something that Amber says he shouldn’t have had on him in the first place since he was a recovered drug addict.

However, though things are off for now, Amber admits that she’d be open to giving Matt another chance in the future, provided she could build trust with him again. She said the only way their romance would be able to work would be if there was “no more lying, no more verbal attacks against each other.”

She also revealed that he needs to be willing to change and also fight for her.

“There’s a lot that needs to be worked on for us to even think of being together. He hasn’t been the best,” she said. “He’s just met a person that doesn’t deal with his s--t. But he’s also met a person that he really is in love with and doesn’t want to let go.”

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“At this point, I told him it’s pretty much up to him to save this relationship,” she added.

Amber also discussed the situation in an episode of the show, which aired on June 12. In that episode, Matt asked Amber if she would still marry him, to which she replied no and said she would lie when asked questions about their relationship during her interviews.

Matt defended himself at the time, saying he only had the Xanax because a friend had given it to him in case Amber had needed it during the plane ride from Indiana to New York for the event. He also admitted that she had previously accused him of being back on drugs, to which he replied that if he was the pill wouldn’t have been available for him to hand to Catelynn in the first place.

“I even said to Amber if I wanted it, why would it have been in my pocket? It would have been in my stomach,” he said.

The situation wasn’t the only one that had caused issues for the pair over the years. In other seasons of the show, Amber learned that her fiancé had previously lied to her about how many kids he had from previous relationships, with her ex, Gary Shirley, revealing to her that Matt had five other children in addition to the two she knew about.

There have also been rumors about cheating as well.