Catelynn Baltierra received strict orders from her daughter Carly’s adoptive parents on Sunday’s “Teen Mom OG.” MTV

“Teen Mom OG” fans received double the momma drama this week! MTV released the third installment of Season 6 on Sunday ahead of the 2016 Video Music Awards. For those who missed episode 3 (find out when it will re-air here!), check out all of the drama and heartbreak that went down in “Don’t Panic” below.


Catelynn Baltierra receives a surprise call from Teresa, her and Tyler Baltierra’s daughter Carly’s adoptive mother. Catelynn tells the cameras Teresa has made it clear she doesn’t like them sharing details about their conversations on the show. Catelynn admits she doesn’t know if Teresa and her husband Brandon would cut them off if they disobeyed, but doesn’t want to risk their relationship with Carly for MTV.

When Catelynn breaks the news to Tyler he calls Teresa’s request an annoyance. Tyler tells his dad he thinks they should have done a closed adoption with Carly. He goes on to state that he will “never silence” his opinions regarding the adoption and if Brandon and Teresa cut them off, they will be the ones who have to deal with their daughters’ hurt, not him.

Tyler later vents his frustrations about Teresa and Brandon to Catelynn. When he says he can’t live his life censoring himself and is willing to risk his relationship with Carly. Catelynn reminds him his actions will hurt her too but Tyler says he’s sacrificed “enough” to give them a family and won’t sacrifices his voice, cameras or no cameras.


Farrah Abraham travels home to Iowa for a doctor’s appointment and decides to take her daughter Sophia to visit her late father Derek’s grave. After leaving flowers and Easter decorations at his grave site, they meet up with Derek’s family. A few of his loved ones reveal the last time they saw Derek before he died at age 18 was when he told them he was going to be a dad. Farrah calls the memory sad.

When Farrah meets up with a friend she tells her she no longer gets sad when she visits Derek’s grave. She admits she never imagined having the life she has now and if Derek were still alive, thinks they would be married and she would own a restaurant in her hometown.

Later, when Farrah returns to her childhood home, her mother Debra shares some old photos with her and Sophia. Debra says she thinks viewers have an misunderstanding about her true relationship with Farrah and when shares a letter she wrote to her daughter after she was born, Farrah is moved to tears.


Despite announcing she and Matt Baier have called off their wedding, Amber Portwood shows off her new engagement ring and tells producers their relationship is OK. Matt, however, makes it clear he’s still upset with Farrah’s actions in the last episode and says she’s “dead” to him.

After not meeting a member of Matt’s family in the two years they’ve been together, he receives a call from his cousin Michael, who he hasn't seen in 10 years. Matt agrees to take Amber to Massacushetts to meet his cousin. Amber, excited to finally meet a Baier, admits she nervous for the trip.

When Amber meets Michael and his family they admit to watching her and her daughter Leah on the show. Michael shares that he and Matt never had a falling out, despite his tumultous past. Matt goes on to show Amber around his hometown, including his old high school (Michael says his cousin used to be a track star). The two share a sweet moment after whale watching when Amber reveals why she still loves Matt.

“I don’t love him for his past,” she says. “I love him for who he is today.”


Taylor McKinney and Maci Bookout break the news to her son Bentley that he’s going to be a big brother again and he’s excited about the new addition. Maci tells him baby No. 3 will be the last and when he asks why, Maci says it’s because any more children will land her in the psychiatric ward.

Later on, during a doctor’s visit, Maci and Taylor learn she’s farther along than expected -- 21 weeks to be exact. They’re also told their baby boy will be arriving one day after their daughter Jayde’s first birthday. Maci says she never planned to be pregnant while planning their wedding. With two (almost three) kids, two dogs and her and Taylor’s clothing company also on her plate, Maci tells Taylor she needs to quit her part-time job, and he agrees.

When Maci breaks the pregnancy news to Bentley’s father Ryan Edwards, he says he thought she was just gaining weight. Later on he tells Bentley he’s excited for him to have a little brother, which he says he’s wanted for a long time. Meanwhile, Ryan’s parents worry he won’t find a partner of his own to grow old with.

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