Farrah Abraham
Monday’s “Teen Mom OG” premiere saw Farrah Abraham (pictured) and Amber Portwood have a heart-to-heart. MTV

Engagement rings, pregnancy reveals and a whole lot of drama consumed Monday’s “Teen Mom OG” premiere. If you missed the first two Season 6 episodes of the MTV series, relive all of Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Farrah Abram and Catelynn Baltierra’s best moments below!

Farrah’s Engagement Ring — Not pleased by the rings she and her boyfriend Simon looked at last season, Farrah Abraham reveals in the premiere that she purchased a ring more suited to her liking (14 carats) all on her own. Farrah laments to her mom that Simon has yet to pay her back for the ring or propose. During the second hour Farrah warns Simon he’s about to be “30 and single,” but he’s completely unfazed.

More Kids For Cait & Ty — After agreeing on an offer for a new home, Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra point out that their abode will have enough room for more children, if they choose to have them. While Catelynn makes it known she finds caring for their daughter Nova hard, she says she thinks having more kids will be worth it in the long run. Tyler says he’s unsure if he wants to have a big family. Ultimately, he says he wants to make sure her depression is under control before adding a new addition.

Maci’s Getting Married! — With the help of “Teen Mom” producers, Taylor McKinney sets up a long-awaited marriage proposal for Maci Bookout. Under the guise they have to go to the beach for a couple’s photoshoot, Taylor surprises Maci by getting down on one knee and proposes with a custom-made ring. “Finally. F---!” Maci says after he pops the question.

Later that day, the couple is shown arriving to an MTV shoot. Catelynn, Amber Portwood and Farrah are all elated by their big news, but no one is as emotional as Maci’s son Bentley. Her son with ex Ryan Edwards breaks down into tears of happiness during the show’s after party after learning the news. Taylor responds by telling Bentley he can be his best man at the wedding.

Twitter Handle Tattoo — Amber’s fiancé Matt Baier goes to get a tattoo. The artist points out one of his tattoos says “clean and sober” and he reveals he got it when he was still using. After the session, Matt makes the cameras leave and shows the artist a tattoo of someone’s Twitter handle on his body that he wants to cover up. He calls the tattoo a “high” mistake.

Farrah’s Podcast Caller —Farrah says she’s moving to Los Angeles to work on her podcast. When she has “Teen Mom OG” producer Larry Musnik (yes, the very same she fought with last season) on as a guest, a colorful listener calls in and asks Larry how he could allow someone like Farrah, who has done a sex tape, star on the MTV show. Farrah keeps her cool during the call even when “Angie” ends the conversation by telling her to “have fun on your back.”

Simon vs. Debra Feud — After Farrah’s mother Debra told Simon he has passive aggressive tendencies last season, Debra reveals he posted her mug shot (from her domestic dispute with Farrah several years prior) on social media in response. Farrah stands up for her boyfriend and says she’d rather focus on her daughter Sophia’s upcoming birthday. Despite Farrah’s wishes, Debra approaches him at Sophia’s party. Simon tells Debra she doesn’t have Farrah’s back and she calls him “delusional.” Simon later tells Debra he doesn’t want there to be any hard feelings between them and she agrees.

Farrah Warns Amber — Farrah learns Amber’s fiancé reached out to her and “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans on social media looking for a date before infamously meeting Amber on Twitter. She responds by calling Matt a “f------ wierdo” and says Amber should cancel her wedding. Farrah reaches out to Amber and advises her to make changes in their relationship if the rumors are true.

When Amber calls Farrah she says she doesn’t know how valid the rumors are but if they’re true, she'll be “pissed off.” Amber claims Matt has told her the tweets were from a long time ago and he wasn’t hitting on Farrah or Jenelle. Amber goes on to reveal she’s called off her wedding (which she now hopes to film for Season 7) because she’s upset Matt lied to her, telling Farrah that Matt told her he didn’t know about “Teen Mom” when they met. Farrah ends the call by saying she feels bad.

“Am I Fat?” — When Maci asks Taylor if she looks fat he denies she does but Bentley’s smirk tells a different story. Maci begins looking for gym memberships, thinking her metabolism has slowed, but Taylor has a hunch she’s pregnant and she decides to take a pregnancy test. When they learn she is pregnant with a “real positive” test they wonder how far along she is since she’s already showing. (Maci and Taylor have since welcomed their son Maverick Reek.)

Other noteworthy moments:

  • Amber says she and Matt have a lot of dogs instead of children. Her season starts off with a bang when one of her dogs lifts its leg and pees on a producer.
  • Maci calls the idea of wedding planning overwhelming. She says she was turned off when she and Taylor came up with a list of 100 “must invite friends.”
  • Amber says she wants some of her “Teen Mom” co-stars to be in her wedding party.
  • Matt says he doesn’t let what the public has to say about his past affect him and says he and Amber are like a married couple already.
  • Maci’s ex, Ryan Edwards, reveals he is newly single after breaking up with his girlfriend of one month. Ryan says he doesn’t worry about introducing Bentley to his new girlfriends and one day wants to get married.
  • Tyler advises Catelynn to call Dr. Drew Pinsky, the “Teen Mom” reunion host, for help dealing with her depression. When she gets in touch with him, she admits to smoking pot roughly twice a day and having a history of cutting. Dr. Drew and Catelynn agree she needs to go to weekly therapy.
  • Maci says Bentley thinks of Ryan has his “big brother” more than a dad.
  • Ryan’s dad warns him his boyish good looks are going away and advises him against getting intimate with women too quickly.

“Teen Mom OG” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EDT on MTV.