"Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant" star Rachel Beavers has to worry about more than just her raising her little girl. She's got to worry about her father, Jason Beavers, as he was recently arrested for possession of heroin.

The arrest happened after a traffic stop on Sept. 25. According to Radar Online, an incident report obtained from Georgia's Cobb County Police Department revealed that heroin was located in the vehicle.

Jason was arrested and, according to the news site, court papers from the Cobb County Superior Court state that he was charged with felony counts of Possession of a Schedule I Controlled Substance and Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance.

Rachel's father isn't the only one who's has been in trouble with the law. Her mother, Stephanie Bollen has quite the past too, though she's seemed to have cleaned up her act since.

Stephanie, who has appeared on "Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant" alongside Rachel, had an arrest warrant issued in 2013 for a combination of things stemming from her care, or in this case, lack thereof, for her three daughters.

When it comes to Rachel, she seems to be staying out of the drama, especially when it comes to the other "Teen Mom" ladies. When a fight almost broke out during the "Teen Mom 2" reunion special taping in late October, Rachel's name was never mentioned, unlike her "Young And Pregnant" costars Ashley Jones and Kayla Sessler.

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