Can't they all just get along? When it comes to the cast of "Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant," apparently not.

The cast of the "Teen Mom" spinoff show traveled to New York City over the weekend to film a segment during the "Teen Mom 2" reunion special, but the drama started way before any of the ladies took the stage.

First, there was Jade Cline, who did one season of "Young And Pregnant" before moving over to "Teen Mom 2," refusing to film in the same vicinity as her former co-star Ashley Jones.

Ultimately, the two ended up on the same stage together. However, Jade was quickly escorted away when things started to get a bit heated following a question by host Dr. Drew, where he asked how the "Young And Pregnant" cast felt about Jade switching shows.

"Everyone said they were happy for her, with the exception of Ashley, who declined to comment," a source told The Ashley's Roundup. However, after being pressed by Dr. Drew, Ashley claimed that MTV asked her to fill the "Teen Mom 2" role first, not Jade, but she turned it down.

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This is apparently when Ashley lost it and began "verbally attacking Jade and her family," according to the insider. And, it didn't get any better when "Young And Pregnant" co-star Kayla Sessler attempted to calm the situation by "basically telling Ashley to let it go."

Under the impression that Kayla was taking sides, Ashley then allegedly got out of her seat and headed towards Jade, who was then escorted off stage before things could escalate. Ashley was also escorted off stage as her wrath then turned towards Kayla as she made "comments about spitting in her face and screaming something about her kids."

The drama didn't end at the reunion, though. It trickled over to social media, where both Kayla and Ashley addressed the situation.

"Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant" and "Teen Mom 2" air Tuesdays on MTV.

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The cast of "Teen Mom 2" is pictured during a reunion show taping. MTV