Details about TNT's live-action “Teen Titans” TV show has been relatively scarce since the pilot’s general film date was announced. However, now it looks like the show might finally be coming to fruition as producers have released the lineup of DC Comics characters coming to the pilot episode.

In a video from The Nerdist News, host Jessica Chobot revealed the exclusive details regarding who TNT and Warner Bros. want to include in the upcoming series. The character update came from the CCO of DC Entertainment, Geoff Johns, who is also the writer/producer on “Arrow” and “Flash.” It was previously revealed that Dick Grayson (A.K.A. Robin and Nightwing) would lead the program. 

It was no surprise that Grayson’s name came up in the reveal. However, what was surprising was the news that he would initially start the series as Robin, not Nightwing. The character will begin the pilot having quit being Batman’s sidekick and working as a detective in Boston. (Not the fictional D.C. equivalent, “Bludhaven,” as the video below notes).

Joining him will be a surprising new addition to the team, Barbra Gordon (A.K.A. Batgirl). Although this character was never a “Titan” in the comics, she had a long-standing relationship with Grayson. According to The Nerdist's breakdown her comic-book counterpart, she’s hung up her superhero clothes and finds herself in a wheelchair. Her character in the comics eventually takes on a computer hacker role known as “Oracle.” While she will have her hacking skills in the pilot, she reportedly won’t be called “Oracle,” at least, not at first.

Hawk and Dove will join the group as well. Although they’re expected to mirror the Hank Hall (Hawk) and Dawn Grander (Dove) characters from the comics, little else is known other than that the two characters will be linked romantically.

In the comics, Hawk has the power to gain super strength, speed, agility and durability but has a weakness that lies in his own temper and rage. Meanwhile, Dove is a hyper vigilant character with the power to turn into a dove when she senses real danger.

Also joining the live-action Titans is Rachel Roth (A.K.A. Raven), the half demon tele-empath with the power to teleport, project a secondary version of herself and manipulate objects with telekinesis.

Finally, rounding out the cast will be Starfire, an alien from another world who finds her way to Earth as a sort of cliffhanger ending to the pilot episode, according to the Nerdist reveal. Luckily, fans of one of DC comics’ first female superheroes will become a major part of the team moving forward.

TNT’s “Teen Titans” live-action TV series is reportedly going to begin filming sometime in late 2015. Check out the reveal video below.